Winter Weddings 101: A Guide From a Wedding Planner

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Welcome to winter weddings 101! Keep reading for a guide from a wedding planner about this unique event.

When to Plan Your Winter Wedding

When exactly should you plan your winter wedding? The winter wedding season can range from late November all the way to February. Try to choose a date that isn’t too close to the holidays and the weather isn’t too cold or unpredictable. This will allow you more freedom in the vendors that are available and the chance that more guests will be able to attend your event. Some locations get extremely cold and the possibility of inclement weather is high as the winter season continues. Research the weather in the specific area of your wedding before choosing a date. 

The Weather

Let’s discuss more about the winter weather. You might love the idea of snow on your wedding day and we don’t blame you! This is so beautiful for photos and creates a Pinterest-worthy atmosphere. If you don’t mind the chance of some snow, try to plan a date when the snow won’t be likely to affect travel to your wedding. You also want to consider the temperature. Regardless of whether it is snowing or not, it could be too cold for outdoor events depending upon the time of year. If you know you want an outdoor ceremony, for example, try to plan accordingly.

Keeping Your Guests Warm

To keep your guests warm in the cooler temperatures, there are a variety of options available! Here is a list of ideas to keep everyone comfortable:

  • Hot drinks: Hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot tea, coffee, and more! Speak with your caterer about adding these fun and useful beverages to your menu. Your guests will love it! Throw in a cute mug as a favor for your guests to use during the wedding then take home.
  • Warming food: Your meal and appetizer options can also help keep your guests warm. Think of warming dishes like soups. 
  • Blankets: This is a wedding favor most people enjoy! Blankets are a great way to keep everyone cozy for any outdoor portions of your wedding. You can order these in bulk and even personalize them. 
  • Heaters: Heaters are one of the most practical items on this list! You can rent outdoor heaters to help keep everyone warm. When guests are comfortable, they are more likely to stick around for more portions of your day. So, if you are dreaming of an outdoor winter wedding dancefloor, don’t skip the heaters. 
  • Indoor Locations: It is always a good idea to have some indoor locations available to guests to take a break from the cold weather. Having indoor spaces nearby can also provide backup options for inclement weather or extremely cold temperatures.

Designing Your Wedding

What about designing your winter wedding? Gone are the days of only neutral winter weddings. You can add pops of color no matter the season. Or, if you do love the neutrals, go for it! This is your day. Don’t feel limited by the season. Instead, take some inspiration from the time of year as you like. Maybe you love the cozy atmosphere of winter designs. Incorporate some romantic candles into your tablescape! The choice is yours.

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