the contagious events PHILOSOPHY

Contagious Events is all about making wedding planning as individual as you are. Rule number one - Throw out the 'should's'. All of them.

We don't use templates for anything. Not for budgets, not timelines, not ceremony scripts. Nothing. Nada. Everything is custom made, from scratch, for each couple.

Even down to our checklists. Custom built based on what you want and needs.

We want you to enjoy the whole process, from throwing around wild ideas to the last champagne at your reception. Well, we want you to enjoy the rest of the night as well, but you’re on your own for that one!

We want each one of your guests to be able to enjoy every second of the day. We’re there if anything goes sideways on you. That means no last minute to-do list for mom!

To keep it simple, we charge a flat fee pricing. No percentages, no commissions. No hourly rates or overtime. No surprises.

We’re also all about paying it forward. We grab any flowers still hanging around after your guests have long gone, give them a little refresh, and hand deliver them to a local hospice to bring a smile to their residents.

Sound good?


Wedding Planning Telling Ring Bearer & Flower Girl when to Walk Down the Aisle


Hi, I’m Joe Rogers.

I was five when I sat my godmother down and demanded she help me throw a dinner party for my family. From the place cards to the menu, my parents' smiles gave me a taste for fabulous events.

I was still that guy throughout high school. I planned events from pep rallies to a leadership council for 200 students from neighboring towns. That one was really fun.

I stepped it up another notch in college. Concerts, comedy shows, and a Guinness World Record attempt for the most people inside a Mini Cooper (side note - we did, and I can't wait to tell you that story!)

After graduation, I started working as a meeting planner, working 180 events a year. Super professional, but also super cookie-cutter. Paid the bills and all, but I really missed the creativity involved in super personalized events.  

The only logical choice was to go rogue, so in 2008, I started Contagious Events.

I love planning weddings. Tradition is all well and good, but I can’t stand watching people get trapped in a web of obligations wondering where all the fun went.

I plan weddings that your guests will still be raving about on your 10th wedding anniversary, and I’d love to plan yours. Check out our consultation packages. Let's see if we can still have them talking on your 20th.

Let's Work Together

Five Fun Facts about joe: 

I cannot say no to a sparkly sequined blazer. I just ordered two more online. Send help. But actually, don’t. And don’t worry, I will not be rocking one for your wedding unless specifically requested.

I have a disco ball obsession. Small balls. Big balls. Sparkly balls. Give em all to me!

I’d pick a New England road trip over a flight to Dubai any day - you can’t beat those autumn leaves and winding roads through the White Mountains.

If it swims in the ocean, I don’t eat it. Weird, I know. But I also put corn in my omelettes, so keep judging away.

Just like my godmother, I’m an avid bingo player. I’m not an old man though, I’ve only been 30 for a few years now.

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