Full Service Wedding Planning

It’s official. You’re finally engaged (with the ring to prove it). You’ve been waiting for this moment long enough and now that the urge to yell “I’m engaged” from atop of Mount Rushmore has started to subside, it’s time to start planning.

Photo: Danny Gorman Photography

Come hell or high water, your wedding will be over the moon fun for you and your guests.

You may not know the difference between hydrangeas and peonies, or maybe you want vintage, rustic and classic romance all in one giant party.

Even if you’re clueless about everything else, you’re ready to start putting the pieces together: from dazzling blooms to mouthwatering pastries… whether it’s a quaint backyard wedding, a picturesque Boston Island getaway or a location in between, we’ll help bring your vision to life.

The secret to an out-of-this-world wedding is a darn good wedding planner.

Sure you can go anywhere and find any old event planner. Heck, you can probably plan your wedding all by yourself. But there’s one little problem: You’ve only got one shot and you’re not willing to leave it to chance (and we don’t blame you).

We’ll combine your brilliant ideas with our wedding know-how to create a noteworthy wedding that even the Boston Red Sox wouldn’t dare compete with.

Photo: Rebeca K Gutwin

Something to feel good about

Everyone at your wedding will smile as they witness one of the most important days of your lives. We can help you put a smile on a stranger’s face, too!

Here’s how we create socially responsible weddings:

  • We donate a portion of all proceeds to local nonprofits
  • We repurpose florals and donate to local hospice organizations
  • We encourage our clients to work with local vendors


Full Service Wedding Planning Package

Here’s the complete list of what’s included:

“I cannot recommend Joe and Contagious Events highly enough. Joe was able to meet with my son and his fiancé and glean from them what sort of feel and look they wanted for their event before they could even articulate it themselves. His organization and attention to detail was flawless. When we experienced a glitch at our venue, Joe stepped in quickly and masterfully and managed to shield us from the fallout. The result was a wedding that was personal, stunning, and joyful. Thanks to Joe, my husband and I were able to enjoy the day instead of worrying. If you have a celebration in the near future, this is the outfit you want to hire. Period.”Jodi Picoult