Full Service Wedding Planning

It’s official. You’re finally engaged (with the ring to prove it). You’ve been waiting for this moment long enough and now that the urge to yell “I’m engaged” from atop of Mount Rushmore has started to subside, it’s time to start planning.

Come hell or high water, your wedding will be over the moon for you and your guests. You may not know the difference between hydrangeas and peonies, or maybe you want vintage, rustic and classic romance all in one giant party.

Even if you're clueless about everything else, you're ready to start putting the pieces together: from dazzling blooms to mouthwatering menus... whether it's a quaint backyard wedding, a picturesque Boston Island getaway or a location in between, we'll help bring your vision to life.

The secret to an out-of-this-world wedding is a darn good wedding planner. Sure, you can go anywhere and find and any old event planner. Heck, you can probably plan your wedding all by yourself. But there's one little problem: you have a job, a packed schedule, responsibilities... in short: you have a life. You only have one shot and you're not willing to leave it to chance (and we don't blame you).  We'll combine your brilliant ideas with our wedding know-how to create a noteworthy wedding that your guests will talk about long after the last dance.

Get a Joe Rogers. We truly could not have come even close to the wedding that we had without Joe Rogers and his incredible team at Contagious Events. We even joke that we would have never thought to rent napkins or forks for the reception. Joe took a very stressful and enormous project, a wedding, and made it simple and straightforward. We cannot stress enough how magical Joe Rogers is when it comes to making your big day dreams come true. 2. This piece of advice actually came from Joe Rogers himself: On the day of the wedding, make sure you have a moment just for you and your partner. So much of the wedding day gets swept away in anxious, excited chaos, you don't realize how fleeting the moments pass. Joe urged us to do a first look before the ceremony, just us, to see each other without the fanfare, cameras, and peanut gallery. This moment meant the world to us. A moment to remind ourselves why we were there in the first place, because we already knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, the ceremony was merely a formality.
Sammy + Frankie, July 2019 at Rosecliff
This full service wedding planning is perfect for you if:

Couples who choose our Shindig package are generally couples who are already engaged (though, not always!) and are ready to begin the planning process from the very start. Other than each other, they have not committed to any other vendor or aspect of the wedding day.

Contagious Events couples are excited to be part of the planning process and are in full control: we do not have an exclusive vendor list, meaning our couples are free to work with any professional vendor of their choosing. We work alongside our couples to offer vendor suggestions based on their vision, and make sure they have the tools and resources they need to plan with confidence.

If you already have a venue contracted, our Hootenanny Package is probably a better option for you.

Joe was great to work with. Our original wedding was scheduled for May 2020, and with COVID we initially decided to reschedule for 2021. Fast forward a bit, and we decided to drastically change plans and do something small with family. Joe was there for us along the way, and was super flexible and accommodating around the changing plans. The wedding itself was beautiful. Joe helped us find amazing vendors that perfectly matched our tastes. We'd definitely recommend Contagious Events to anyone looking for a wedding planner.

Hannah + Jared, October 2020 at Habitat for Humanity
What makes contagious events the best wedding planner in Boston?

The secret ingredient to our success is undoubtedly the relationships we form with our couples. We consider all of them part of the Contagious Events family and are so proud to share that many continue to stay in touch with us long after the wedding - over the years we've celebrated home buying, growing families and many holiday greetings.

There are a few reasons couples ultimately select Contagious Events as their planning team. Over and over again, we hear from couples that they appreciate our commitment to donating leftover wedding flowers to hospice, our transparency when it comes to pricing, and our phase-based planning method. If you're interested in learning more, click the button below to schedule a no-pressure call so we can get to know one another!


Full Service Wedding Planning Includes: