Engaged couples and guests cheers at engagement party

How to Plan an Engagement Party

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Want to kick off your engagement with your closest friends and family? It’s time to plan your engagement party! This is a fun way to celebrate while also getting a sneak-peek into planning an event. Let’s go over exactly how to plan an amazing engagement party.

Engaged couples and guests cheers at engagement party

Consider Working With a Planner

An engagement party can really be like planning a mini wedding depending on how grand you want this event to be. If you are looking into options beyond a dinner out or at home, having a professional on your side will be helpful. Ask your wedding planner if they offer this service. They will be able to plan the logistics so you can enjoy the rest!

Create a Mood Board

Next, create a small mood board detailing what you want your engagement party to look like from the table decor to the food. If you have already started wedding planning, you know that having a visual guide makes decision-making a breeze. 

Engaged couple showing ring to guest at engagement party

Set Your Budget

You have an idea of what you want your engagement party to look like but make your budget line up. This is another reason to have a planner involved in the process. They can expertly manage your budget and bring what you envision to reality. We recommend saving the splurging for your wedding. Don’t feel pressure to have a super elaborate event. Your wedding will have all of the extra details and activities later! This is simply a gathering to celebrate the fact you are engaged. 

Hire Your Vendors

While we are on the topic, here are the vendors we recommend starting with aside from your planner. If your budget and space allow, of course, add on to this as you desire!

  • Venue: You will need to know a guest count for this. Most likely, you won’t be sending paper invitations for your engagement party. Send a virtual invitation, call, or text those you would like to attend. Once you have a guest count, you can set your venue. The options are endless. From a restaurant, private home, to an event venue, choose the best option for you.
  • Caterer and Bar: If you are choosing a restaurant, they will be able to set a menu with you in advance. For separate venues, look into outside caterers that can bring a delicious meal to you. If you want drinks, ask your venue if they require a professional bartender to serve them.
  • Photographer: Ask your photographer if they are available to capture your engagement party and if they book those events. If you are planning a party for this exciting time, you will want the memories captured!
  • Event Staff: You will need a crew to make sure your venue is clean if you are not hosting your party at a place that already includes this. Ask your caterer or wedding planner if they offer a service to include this option.
Engaged couples and guests cheers at outdoor engagement party

It’s time to Party!

And you are done! Enjoy your engagement party. We are passionate about helping couples bring their dream events to life. If you are engaged and planning a wedding, reach out to us! We would love to work with you to plan your wedding day. 

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