How to Find Your Fall Wedding Style

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We are sharing how to find your fall wedding style on this post!

What is your guest count?

First, determine your guest count. Are you planning a grand wedding with over one hundred guests? Or are you planning an intimate 10-50 person wedding? Understanding your guest count can allow you to budget for your day. You can also plan the layout of your fall wedding accordingly.

Draw Inspiration From Your Venue

With any season, it is a wonderful idea to draw inspiration from your venue! A venue’s aesthetic often influences the design. So, if your venue is modern and industrial in a city setting, your fall style may be more contemporary. Search for ideas on Pinterest and ask your venue for galleries of past fall weddings in their space. Create a wedding board for your big day and pin all of the inspiration you like. Everything from wedding attire to table decor is available on the platform! Be sure to look at the nature surrounding your venue as well. Will the trees be changing around the time of your wedding? This can be incorporated into your mood board. 

What are your favorite colors from the season?

The leaves are one of the most popular factors of the fall season! Those deep greens, rich yellows, dreamy reds, and bold orange tones are so incredible. What are your favorite colors from the season? Maybe you love all of the earth tones from those leaves. Or perhaps, jewel tones are more your style. Don’t forget about the holidays during the fall time! Halloween offers some super unique and edgy colors to gather ideas from. Forming your color palette can help you determine the rest of your design. 

What are your favorite foods from the season?

There is more to the fall season than just the decor! Think about all of the delicious food options. Are there any specific dishes you want to feature at your wedding? There could even be general flavors you want to incorporate. Speak with your catering team about their fall menu options! You can also chat with your cake baker about seasonal flavors and items (hello pie for dessert). You and your guests will love this thoughtful touch! 

What month and date is your wedding?

Consider the month and date of your wedding to find your style. There are reasons you selected that date and some probably have to do with the design along with the weather. If your wedding is a few days before Halloween for example in a cooler climate, do you love a spooky/edgy theme? Or if your wedding is closer to Thanksgiving, are you looking for a cozy, classic fall wedding? 

Think about what fall items you DON’T want in your wedding.

Finally, think about what you don’t want from the fall season in your wedding. Many couples do not want their wedding to overtly look like a holiday. You can nod to the season while keeping your individual preferences in mind. Sometimes, figuring out what you don’t want first can be most helpful in determining your style.

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