Bride and Groom kissing at outdoor wedding ceremony in Boston

How to Find Your Wedding Vendors (made easy!)

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Once you are ready to start planning your wedding, one of the first thoughts you may have is, “How do I find my wedding vendors?!” It can be tricky to know where to start but we are here as wedding planners to make the process easy (and even fun). Ready to find the dream team for your special day? Let’s begin!

Bride and Groom kissing at outdoor wedding ceremony in Boston

Where to Begin

Before you can start researching for your specific vendors, you need to have some information covered in advance. Begin with these steps and then you will be ready for the rest!

Know Your Location

Narrow down where you want to host your wedding with your future spouse. You don’t need to worry about having a venue quite yet but having a location is essential to start off your vendor search. Even vendors who may be willing to travel like planners and photographers will often have limits to the locations they will go. Without a location, you might accidentally inquire with vendors who don’t work in your wedding area. This will save you quite a bit of time and will help you search wisely!

What Are Your Preferences?

Have you thought about the type of vendors you would like to work with? We are talking about stylistic choices, personality, and even company values. After all, you could be working with your vendor team well over a year. You will want to work with individuals aligned with who you are as a couple. 

For example, if you love an alternative and edgy style, you might not want to choose vendors who specialize in a rustic look. Create some Pinterest boards pinning wedding styles you like and even quotes that reflect your ideal vendors. When it is time to research, you will know what to look for!

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Set Your Budget

This is a major factor. Set your general budget beforehand. All wedding vendors are different and this includes their pricing. Knowing your budget will help you inquire with the right options. Keep in mind that your location will factor into your wedding costs so you might need to plan ahead for some flexibility. 

Researching Your Vendors

Now that you have covered the beginning basics, it’s time to research wedding vendors! Start sooner than later. Right now, many vendors are booked up to a year in advance. 


Many engaged couples are now finding their vendors on Pinterest! This is the best platform for inspiration, so why not find your real life wedding team? Type in your specific location followed by the vendor you want to search for (Ex. Boston Wedding Planner). See what draws your attention and click on the pin link to their site! You may come across some fantastic options. 


Instagram is another great location specific research option. Utilize hashtags for your search. You can also try out typing in the vendors you are looking for. (Ex. #bostonweddingplanners OR Boston Wedding Planner). Sometimes there are local wedding collective accounts that will be able to refer you to some reliable vendor options.

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Wedding Wire & The Knot

If you want a wedding specific search platform, check out Wedding Wire & The Knot! Here you can often find location focused vendor options with reviews from real couples. This is wonderful to search based on your style and budget as well!

Which Vendors to Hire First

Starting off with some key vendors will help you with booking everyone else! Here are the two vendors we recommend hiring first:

Wedding Planner

You need a wedding planner on your side. They will know the red flags to look out for in vendor options and can even recommend their preferred options for you. A wedding planner will be your number one advocate and will cut down your research time dramatically. 


Already have a venue in mind? Once you are booked with your specific venue, ask them about their preferred vendors! They will most likely have a list of vendors to recommend that work well at their venue. You might even find your wedding planner this way. 

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