Planning a Holiday Wedding (everything you need to know!)

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So you’re planning a wedding around the holidays! This is such an exciting time of year to have your dream day. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your event is as seamless as possible! Let’s go over the basics of planning a holiday wedding on this blog.

There could be higher costs

Since the top yearly holidays occur during the fall and winter months, your vendor’s costs might increase. This is already a busy wedding season and a wedding right around the holidays means the vendor must open up their schedule even more. There are also other factors that impact the cost. For example, your wedding venue might increase the cost of wedding dates around the holidays due to demand. Vendor teams, travel, and supplies can also increase in cost. To help ease any surprise and find the best value for your wedding, plan ahead. Reach out to your first choice vendors as soon as possible. We already know that the past few years of weddings have been busy, so make this process easy on yourself! Work with a wedding planner to cut down on the time of researching vendors and reviewing contracts. A wedding planner also knows what to look for regarding your specific event. 

Keep the weather in mind

A holiday wedding means you might be hosting your event during the cooler months depending on where you live. Make plans for inclement weather. This can look like a backup venue location, renting a tent, offering blankets and warm drinks to guests, and more! A backup plan will ease your mind and your vendor team will be prepared for anything less than a completely sunny day. If you are still in the early process and haven’t selected a date, chat with your vendors about what the weather typically looks like for the date you have in mind. This can influence how to select your specific wedding date. You will also want to ask the vendors you want to book how they prepare for inclement weather. If they need certain support or supplies, you will need to chat with your wedding planner about how this factors into your timeline and budget.

Factor in traffic and travel

What does the traffic and travel cost look like in your wedding location? You will need to notify your guests of heavy traffic and speak to your vendors about what travel looks like. This is especially important for a destination wedding. If there is heavy traffic, this can influence your vendors’ costs as well. You might choose to work with transportation services to assist your guests from there hotels and accommodations. 

Have fun with your decor!

Now, let’s talk about the fun side of a holiday wedding – the decor! Have fun with this aspect of your wedding. You can incorporate themes from the holiday and seasons into your event. The options are endless.

Your Guest Count Might Change

Since individuals might already have plans for the holidays, your guest count could lower. For those that desire an intimate wedding, this is perfect! 

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