Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner in 2023

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You might have heard this suggestion as you announced your engagement, “You need a wedding planner!” If you are wondering why or are questioning if this is worth the investment, we have you covered. Let’s go over why you need to hire a wedding planner in 2023 on this blog. Keep reading for this valuable advice!

Vendors are busier than ever.

Since the pandemic, vendors are busier than ever. More and more weddings are happening each year and 2023 is no exception. A wedding planner can help you find vendors efficiently during your wedding planning process that are actually a great fit for your big day. Busy vendors mean that communication response time is vastly larger and more vendors are booked in advance. Your wedding planner can manage the communication and continue to source vendors even after your first choices are booked. 

Wedding costs are up.

Higher demands equal higher costs. The price for weddings are up due to the influx of inquiries, cost of supplies, cost of travel, cost and of supplies. Now you might be thinking, if costs are up, why would I still hire a wedding planner? Investing in a wedding planner can actually save you “hidden” costs as you book other vendors. Wedding planners can review contracts and they understand all of the logistics involved in planning an event. They are already connected to vendors and will reach out to the options best suited for your budget and preferences. You need a professional on your side to manage your budget so you don’t underestimate what you actually will need to spend. 

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Have a new trend in mind? The past few years intimate weddings have been trending an do not seem to be going anywhere! You need an experienced wedding planner to bring this event together. A backyard wedding can actually require more details than a wedding at a standard venue for example. Even if your trend is simply an aesthetic (like garden weddings!), a wedding planner can source and coordinate with your vendors to bring this to life. There are so many interesting wedding trends to discover! A wedding planner can also help brainstorm with you if you are unsure of how you want your wedding to look.

You are planning a destination wedding. 

If you are planning a destination wedding in 2023, a wedding planner is essential. The delays in communication, booked vendors, and higher costs are difficult to manage. When you add in a further location, this can be stressful. You want a wedding planner to specialize in destination weddings or is local to the area of your dream day. Take the planning off of you and allow a professional to handle it with ease!

You want to relax on the day of your wedding.

Speaking of taking the planning off of you, think about the actual day of your wedding. If nothing else in this blog has convinced you a wedding planner is worth it in 2023, keep reading. There is intricate setup, timeline management, clean-up, vendor coordination, and more involved just on your wedding day itself. You might have had to postpone your wedding date already, don’t add the stress of acting as your own wedding coordinator. They will manage and execute your wedding so that you can properly enjoy the day without worrying about the behind-the-scenes. 

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