Wedding DJ booth with laptop

Wedding Music 101: Everything You Need to Know

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You have your design planned for your wedding and have the food and drinks covered, now it is time to think about the entertainment! If you are engaged and wondering whether you should hire a DJ or Band for your big day or how to find them, keep reading. We are going over the must-know information for your wedding music. Let’s get started.

Wedding DJ booth with laptop

Should you hire a professional DJ?

The short answer is YES! You really do need a professional to handle the sound, lighting, and music. A professional DJ will be able to handle this important part of your wedding with ease. It takes experience and knowledge to manage a sound system for every venue and specific wedding timeline. Most wedding DJs will also offer the sound and mic management for the vows and speeches during your ceremony. Think beyond the dance floor for this vendor! When it is time for the dancing to begin, your DJ will be able to keep the party going. Not only will a DJ ensure that the right songs are played throughout the day, they will be able to read the crowd as the day goes on. This professional will work with you to create playlist options to suit your personality and your guests. 

You do not want to depend on another guest or your wedding planner for the music and sound. The audio quality and dependability will greatly improve with a DJ on your side. Another wedding guest, even with practice may not be able to solve every scenario when it comes to sound. As the day goes on, you need someone monitoring the music repeatedly and playing sounds to entertain the crowd. Depending on a guest for this can take away from their experience and they won’t always know what to play for the party you desire. Especially if you want specific songs played at specific times, a wedding DJ is non-negotiable. Even your wedding planner cannot guarantee zero mistakes with this as the music is not their field of expertise. The wedding planner will also need to focus on their job running the timeline and making sure your design is set up correctly.

What about a Band?

A live band can be a great addition to your wedding music! We recommend hiring this vendor along with a DJ. The band can play live music during the ceremony and a portion of the reception. A band and a DJ can work together to create an elevated music experience. The DJ can play a playlist during aspects of the wedding such as the cocktail hour and during the reception meal. Then the band can play live songs for portions of the dancing. When the band needs to take breaks or their scheduled time ends, the DJ can resume. A band is a wonderful option for those looking for alternative sounds or a concert feeling for the dancefloor.

How to Find Your DJ or Band

Ask your wedding planner or other vendors for recommendations for a live band or DJ first. You may also search on Instagram for local options! Most of the time, your wedding planner will be able to point you in the right direction. 

If you are ready to start planning your wedding and would like assistance with details like this, contact us today! We would love to hear your story. 

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