Top Questions to Ask Before Signing Your Wedding Venue Contract

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Discovering the perfect wedding venue will be quite the task. After all, your venue will be the base of your big day, and should certainly be nothing less than spectacular! So, know that from aesthetics, to space, there are many details that you will want to consider before selecting yours.

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However, once you have discovered the perfect venue, there are actually some things that you will want to keep in mind before you sign any contracts. After all, you will need to be fully informed as to what you will be presented with!

We believe that every couple deserves to book the best wedding venue! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, as Boston wedding planners, we have gathered some very important questions that you should ask before signing your own wedding venue contract. If you are all set to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • How Much Space is There? How many guests will be attending your wedding? No matter your number, know that your venue will need to be able to comfortably accommodate all of them! Is there enough space in your venue for all of your guests to fit comfortably? Overall, just ensure that you don’t squeeze into a space, as you want enough room for all of your tables, a dance floor, and for guests to be able to walk around and mingle without bumping into one another. A tight space, regardless of how beautiful it may be, certainly isn’t ideal. 
  • Is My Chosen Date Available? Your chosen wedding date is very important to you. Is your venue available on this date? If not, you may need to compromise on your date, or find a new venue. Most importantly, if you have a date set in mind that you won’t change, don’t tour a venue unless it’s available! After all, you wouldn’t want to fall in love with a setting that you couldn’t book, or waste anyone’s time by touring a venue that you don’t plan on moving forward with.
  • Are There Any Policies When It Comes to Alcohol? A celebration is not as much fun if you are restricted from featuring your favorite drinks. So, you will certainly want to ask your venue what their alcohol policy is before signing a contract. Some venues allow you to bring outside alcohol in, while others may ban it, or require that you use their bar services. Be sure to gather all of the details before moving forward, so that there are no surprises when it comes to featuring your favorite poison on your big day!
  • Do You Offer Any Extra Perks? Be sure to ask what extra perks your venue offers, such as handicap accessibility, valet services, security, or any other miscellaneous rentals that could be useful to you, such as tables and chairs, along with speakers. You will want to ensure that you get the most out of your venue! After all, who wouldn’t want to get the most bang for their buck? In addition, just know you may be pleasantly surprised as to what your potential venue could offer you.
  • Are There Extra Fees? When it comes down to the final price for booking a wedding venue, too many couples are hit with extra fees that break the bank. Ensure that you are aware of any fees that could be tagged onto your price before signing on the dotted line! For example, if your wedding were to run over the allotted time frame, would you be charged extra? Little things like this should all be taken into consideration!

Asking these questions before you sign your life away can save you a lot of heartache when it comes to planning your wedding! After all, being prepared for such an important event is certainly of importance.

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Along with discovering your venue, you will also need to choose your wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts. So, please fill out our Mad Libs today here at Contagious Events, so that we can begin planning your big day! 

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