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Wedding Checklist: Ceremony & Reception Venue

You’re engaged! Congratulations! It’s venue-hunting time. Don’t get sideswiped a week before your wedding with red tape, rules and restrictions. Make sure you have everything checked off your list and make your wedding nothing short of incredible.

Before you set foot in a venue, get our FREE Wedding Venue Checklist Guide: Have Your Wedding Go Off Without A Hitch + Cover Your Bases Before You Put Down The Deposit.

Get instant access to a fill-in-the-blank checklist covering:

  • Logistics
  • Legal + permits
  • Vendors
  • Parking + Transport
  • Decor + Ambiance
  • Rentals
  • Food + Beverage
  • Staff

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Let's Get Real:

The wedding venue is often one of the first decisions you'll make in the wedding planning process, but you may not necessarily know all the details of what you're looking for because you haven't thought through the millions of tiny details that will come up down the road. 

It's okay that you don't know all the details right now. But don't sign a contract with a venue without knowing the full picture.

Are you dreaming of a confetti/rice/bridseed toss at the end of your ceremony, as you and your brand new spouse go down the aisle together? Better make sure the venue allows it. Do you want to bring in your own late night grub from your favorite local burger joint? Not every venue will permit it. Food trucks? Amplified sound past 10pm? Yep, you guessed it... these are all details that somehow get overlooked when booking a venue, and then become the source of major meltdowns later on.

don't start your wedding planning by making uninformed decisions.

And don't set yourself up for disappointment by agreeing to a set of rules that will make your planning a million times more difficult.

Wave goodbye to venue tours where all you leave with is "it was pretty" and say hello to leaving with all the information you need to easily compare venues and pick the best one for you.