Tips for Planning Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

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After your romantic wedding ceremony has come to a close, your guests will migrate to their new entertainment setting, cocktail hour! Delicious drinks, great food, quality conversation; your guests will begin transitioning into party mode before your reception, while you and your partner venture off to have your formal photos captured.

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What do you need to plan a flawless cocktail hour? Considering all the details and the ambiance you are hoping to set, you may need a little inspiration.

We understand that every aspect of your big day should be planned to perfection! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, as Boston wedding planners, we have gathered some tips to assist you with planning your wedding cocktail hour. If you are all set to take in some helpful insight, be sure to read on:

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Create an Atmosphere for your Cocktail Hour

Your cocktail hour serves as a transition setting. Your guests will still be swooning over your romantic ceremony with a calm aura, however, it’s not quite time to get into a party mode just yet. So, it’s best to create a warm and inviting atmosphere by booking a live band or quartet for your cocktail hour.

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Showcase Enough Wiggle Room

Your entire guest list will be joining together in your cocktail hour setting. Be sure there is plenty of room for them to move around comfortably. It’s best to present cocktail tables spread about. Overall, just ensure that your guests can walk around and mingle with one another with ease.

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Present Signature Drinks at your Cocktail Hour

You can add a dash of personalization and fun to your wedding cocktail hour by creating signature drinks! Create one for you, and one for your partner, and you will be good to go. However, in addition to your special drinks, you should also consider presenting an open bar, so that guests can order any drinks that they please.

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Cocktail Hour Menu: Serve Some Delicious Bites

Your guests will be anticipating your wedding meal. However, you can let them indulge a little beforehand by presenting some delicious bites to eat. Hors d’oeuvres are great options, as they won’t fill up your guests too much.

Man playing guitar, focus on hand with wedding band

Festive Entertainment

While your guests will most likely be looking forward to dancing the night away at your wedding reception, know that you can present a little fun beforehand. For your cocktail hour, consider booking a photo booth and hiring a caricature artist, as these are unique forms of fun that your guests will certainly enjoy taking part in.


Your wedding cocktail hour deserves to be a memorable event! These are just a few tips to assist you with planning yours.

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So, if you are all set to create the rest of your big day with a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts, please fill out our Mad Libs here at Contagious Events! We are always excited to plan such celebratory occasions, and would be pleased with the opportunity to bring your big day to life.

Photo from Michael & Jerel’s Wedding, by Julia Cumes Photography

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