June 7, 2014

Michael + Jerel

Loring-Greenough House Wedding

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Wedding planners joke there are often three types of clients who reach out to us: the type that know right from the beginning they need the extra help planning their day, the type that start the planning process and realize over time that they may be in over their heads, and then there’s my personal favorite: the type that do almost everything themselves and then something unexpected happens during the planning process and the client reaches out to a professional to ask for help.

Michael and Jerel are the exception to this three client rule. They did much of the planning themselves, having booked the venue, using their social connections to book most of their vendors, and they had definitely identified a style. They were great clients: organized, motivated, and most importantly: excited. Bonus: they had an amazing story that I completely fell in love with once I read it on their wedding website. They also had their first date at a local pub named after the book Beowulf, so we decided to incorporate that into their wedding design in a subtle way.

Michael and Jerel are both not big ring people. So when it came time to propose, they opted for something the two of them would be much more comfortable with – a kitchen whisk – symbolic of one of their favorite pastimes, which is another element we were able design into the wedding to share with their guests.

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