Unique Wedding Ring Inspiration

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Planning a wedding that displays your own unique and creative passions and style is such a wonderful way to make your wedding day stand out from the rest. Custom centerpieces, unique wedding dresses, and ceremonies that are personal for you and your partner; these are all wonderful ways to start your marriage in your own, personal way. But, what about unique traits that will last throughout your marriage?

Your wedding ring is the symbol of your love and devotion to each other. It is also the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique relationship and style forever.

Every ring is beautiful in its own way, but choosing one may come has a difficult task. That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have put together a few points of unique wedding ring inspiration for your own marriage.

Our favorite unique wedding rings:

Meteorite Wedding Ring

Are you bored looking at the many common forms of gold and titanium wedding rings that fill the jewelry stores? Would you like a ring that is a little more out of this world? Luckily, there is the perfect ring style that doesn’t even require you to leave the atmosphere to find. Meteorite rings are actual shaved pieces of meteorite, stunningly displayed in a ring gold, titanium, and silver.  You can choose a ring with common materials, but a much more stylish and rare rock.


Wood Wedding Ring

Love is such a natural emotion. Why not symbolize your love with one of the most natural elements, wood? You can have a rare and gorgeous wedding ring, completely made out of wood. Polished and stained to look its best, you can adorn your ring finger with the most natural wedding ring, a wooden one.


Ceramic Wedding Ring

If you are on the hunt for a more modern wedding ring style, you can find just that in a ceramic wedding ring. Made from jewelry-grade ceramic, or titanium grade carbide, ceramic rings are a lovely, modern option for today’s couples. These lovely rings are durable and gorgeous, making them the perfect ring for those couples that are active, especially with their hands.


Lace Wedding Ring

Lace is becoming increasingly popular today. This gorgeous fabric design is decorating many of our favorite apparel brands, bags, and now…our jewelry? Lace epoxy rings are incredibly creative. Putting lace through an epoxy resin process creates a timeless ring with all the beautiful elements of lace. You will have a clear ring that features your favorite style of lace. You can bring lace to your ring finger with this unique wedding ring.


Fossil Wedding Ring

They say love is a tale as old as time, and a ring made of ceramic and dinosaur bones is a great way to honor the saying and your timeless love. A dinosaur bone inlay not only adds dimension and interest to your ring, but is sure to spark a conversation. Your marriage may be new, but your ring can have some history!


Your wedding day can be unique and one of a kind, so why can’t your wedding rings? These are just a few of the unique wedding rings you use to symbolize your marriage. Here at Contagious Events, we want to help you plan your perfect wedding day. If you are ready to work with a Boston wedding planner, feel free to contact us today.

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