Now that you are engaged, do not miss out on taking engagement photos!

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Congratulations, you are now engaged! Therefore, the wedding planning process has begun. However, do not forget that from the moment you say “Yes!”, to the moment you say “I do,” is honestly a very short window of time, so you should certainly document this brief window of time where you have a fancy title like “fiancé” through gorgeous photography.

Engagement photos are not only a way to preserve your memories of preparing to marry the love of your life, but they can also be used within other aspects of your wedding planning as well. Engagement photos are a great addition to complement this time in your life, as no longer a girlfriend or boyfriend, and not yet a husband or wife.

When it comes to planning weddings, it is important to ensure that every part of the process is intentional and authentic – we also want you to create a day that is unique and personalized to you as a couple. Planning is our passion here at Contagious Events, and we strive to provide helpful information to all our clients, which is why we have gathered the top reasons as to why you should not miss out on taking engagement photos!

Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to consider taking engagement photos:


Engagement photos help capture your love story.
You and your partner are unique: your relationship is one of a kind, and you should showcase your love story throughout aspects of photography. Now that you have a ring on your finger, engagement photos capture the candid happiness for you to cherish for the many years to come. Doll yourself up, choose outfits that reflect your personalities and smile for the camera, capturing all of the love, joy, and positivity that you have embraced as a couple.

You can use the engagement photos to create save the dates.
As you plan your wedding, one aspect will be to sending out “Save the Date” cards, allowing your guests to keep your wedding date open. However, if you are seeking these little beauties to be even more personalized to you and your partner, use one of your favorite engagement photos to adorn the front of the card, adding a perfect touch of romance! Also, include a couple of extra photos along with your cards, as your guests will certainly appreciate being able to showcase your love within a beautiful frame in their home, or even on their refrigerator.

Having professional engagement photos will document a brief period of your lives.
The engagement photos you have captured will be how you remember all of your pre-wedding excitement, so it is important that they are professionally beautiful. Only being engaged for a short amount of time, you will want to find a professional photographer that can offer you a very candid photo shoot. To go even more over the top, consider having your hair and makeup professionally styled as well. Most importantly, do not take for granted this special time, or these special memories, as you do not want to have any regrets!

You can use engagement photos as a test run.
Use your engagement photo session as a trial run – working with a photographer can feel incredibly intimate, as the photographer will be the third wheel the entire wedding day – it’s their job! You’ll want to feel comfortable around them, and engagement photos will help break the ice. Having your hair and makeup team prep you for your engagement photos is also a great idea so you can get a preview of how your beauty will photograph – the images will also give you a tangible product to review with your beauty team if you need to make any adjustments to your plan.

Every aspect leading up to your wedding day is important: all of the planning, the nerves, excitement, and happy anxiety are many moments you should remember. Here at Contagious Events, our goal is to provide you with a wedding planning process that allows you to find happiness and creativity within each element of your planning. If you are seeking a wedding planner who dedicates all of their energy into each and every couple they assist, then be sure to contact us today, as we would love to bring a positive experience to your Massachusetts wedding.

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