Rain on Your Wedding Day

What to do When the Forecast Predicts Rain on Your Wedding Day

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No one is supposed to even utter the R word when speaking about an outdoor wedding. Rain on your wedding day can seem like a devastating force to your outdoor wedding. The water alone can cause soggy decorations, cause your guests to flee indoors, and even ruin your perfect first look. You worked so hard to create the absolute best wedding, and it would be a shame to let the rain bring your big day to a sudden halt. 

If you have planned your own outdoor nuptials, the days leading up you will certainly be on the lookout for possible rain the days leading up to your special day.

So, what do you do when the forecast calls for rain on your wedding day?

Here at Contagious Events, we believe that every bride and every groom should have the wedding of their dreams. That’s why we have put together a few tips on what to do when the forecast predicts rain on your wedding day. If you want to be prepared for anything on your big day, including rain on your wedding day, be sure to keep reading to discover how you can be: 

Don’t fret too early. The weather is a fickle element. Even the weather forecaster can’t keep up with the numerous possibilities, especially here in New England. Anything can happen when it comes to the climate, and the forecaster has to make the most logical choice to broadcast. It’s best not to try and continuously check your weather app until the week of the wedding. It becomes unnecessary stress, and it becomes more accurate the closer to your wedding day. For our clients, we won't even entertain the r-word until three days before the wedding.

Prepare ahead. Take a second to look at your wedding dates. Is this the time of year when you can expect warm days and clear skies? Or, will you be taking a gamble during the rainy season? Even if anything can happen when it comes to climate changes, you can still take steps to lower the possibility of being rained out. Choosing warmer and dryer months for your wedding would be a wise choice. When we work with our clients during the venue selection process, if it's an outdoor venue we also stress how important it is for our couples to fall in love with the rain plan, too! 

Be ready to embrace the weather you get. You will never know the exact details of the weather that will happen in the future. Just go with the flow, and be ready to embrace whatever weather arrives on your wedding day. Whether you dance in the warm summer rain, or you have set up your wedding day to be easily moved indoors at the first threat of rain, embrace the weather. You can utilize tents if needed. Either way, a backup plan should always be prepared. Remember, weddings are just like theater – no one will know that something isn't going according to plan unless you let them know – so play it up and embrace the weather!

Marrying your soul mate is one of the most important days of your life, and you shouldn’t let the weather stop you from tying the knot. These tips will help you be prepared for the chance of rain on your big day. For further reading, check out 7 Reasons You Want Rain on Your Wedding Day (Seriously!) posted on brides.com.

Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston, Massachusetts wedding planner, we can help you plan your ideal wedding day. If you want to begin creating your Boston wedding, be sure to contact us today. 

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