How to Make a Winter Wedding Gown Look Stunning

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Getting married in the off season does not mean your wedding dress has to be as bulky as a winter coat. Having a winter wedding can be as beautiful and as sensuous as a wedding in the summer months. Your dress can be delicate, light, and sexy even in the middle of winter. Here are some tips on creating the perfect winter wedding gown you’ll love.

Fabric Considerations

When looking for that special gown, there is no need to think that because of the weather during winter, your gown has to be made of a heavy fabric that will keep you warm. Winter wedding gowns are often made of the finest satin, silks, and other light weight fabrics. Even broad cloth has a sensual feel. Winter gowns can even be made with low cut backs, necklines that plunge and side slits. Add extra lace or a sheer padding fabric for more warmth and a little sparkle. Just make sure yours fits and looks great on you.  

Adding Accessories

Some winter wedding gowns are covered with lace that give them a very soft, demure look. For winter, adding lace sleeves is very attractive and can be really sexy. Lace can also be made into the bodice of the dress over the initial design. Add a short jacket made from the same fabric for a sexy eye appealing look. You can also add more lace to the train of the head dress for more fullness in this seasonal look. If the lace sleeves are plain, add appliques for a personal touch that will definitely create more attention. Use unique stones for winter like emeralds, diamonds, or sapphires. These can even influence your colors. Use Fur hats in place of a veil or even fur clutches for an elegant, decidedly wintry look. You can find some great options at and other stores.  

Redesign for Complexity

Winter gowns can be elaborate or simple. If you choose the more simplistic style, have your dress maker do some redesigning to give it a more sexy look. Add a little more plunge to the neckline, and set the body of the dress more off the shoulder. Use sexy scalloping instead of the commonly used round neckline. This body design will be fabulous with a scalloped neck lace bolero style jacket to add sexiness and contour to the dress. Usually in the winter the dresses may contain more frills for added warmth, but this is not necessarily a good look for all body types. The slim dress with modifications is still sexier. Wearing a wedding gown that makes the bride feel exuberant is the main goal of a design. Adding a few personal touches that would make it an outstanding look is more gratifying. Looking sexy on your wedding day is priceless!   Photos: Amanda Sabga Photography

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