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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

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Embarking on the journey to find that perfect gown to wear down the aisle is thrilling. You will browse through many beautiful dresses, searching for the one that captures your heart. Your journey will be filled with whites of all shades (or perhaps some color, if that’s what you like!), sequins, beads, lace, tulle, silk, and so much more. You will encounter many stunning dresses, waiting for the one that makes your heart skip a beat.

Although you will certainly enjoy dress shopping, it can still become overwhelming. But, finding such an important wedding detail doesn’t have to be.

Many elements will create your wedding dress shopping experience. That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have put together a few tips to assist you in discovering your dream wedding dress. If you want to find your gown with ease, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

Here are some tips when wedding dress shopping:


Have an idea of what kind of wedding dress you think you want.
There are many different wedding dress styles, such as mermaid, ball gown, a line, and silhouette. It’s important to have an idea of the dress style you are looking for. However, it is equally as important to be open to other options, and open to falling in love with a different dress style than the one that you initially thought that you wanted.

Have a wedding dress budget and be honest.
What better way to remember a loved one than through lovely photos? You can assemble a unique photo display among a table within your wedding reception, as guests can then go and take a look at the people who have passed that you are choosing to honor. Also, you can adorn the table with their favorite flowers, memorabilia or even heirlooms, to add even more personalization.

Shop for a wedding dress with a timeline in mind.
Shopping for your dress at the right time is just as important as buying the right dress. You want to be sure to find the perfect dress and have enough time for alterations and delivery. Buying too late can be detrimental to your wedding attire. Ideally, your wedding dress shopping should take place about ten months before your big day. This way, you have plenty of time to ensure that each detail is picture perfect.

Remember the importance of a good tailor.
The moment your eyes fall upon that perfect dress, you know you have to wear it down the aisle. Unfortunately, the right dress may not fit snugly in all the right places. A tailor will help you acquire that desired fit and even help you tweak a few dress details if desired. However, keep in mind that alterations are almost always never included in the initial cost of the wedding dress, so always leave some extra wiggle room for adjustments. Alterations usually cost $200 – $500, starting out.

What to wear to a wedding dress fitting.
It’s important to have every detail the way it will be on your wedding day. For example, the wedding shoes you will be wearing should be brought to your dress fitting to ensure your dress is the right length for your big day. It’s important that you not wear anything, such as watches or long jewelry, that can snag and rip your dress or its details. Also, strapless bras or inserts are ideal, along with underwear that won’t present any lines.
Bring accessories. It’s important to have your accessories on hand to ensure that your overall attire matches. You certainly wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in accessories that take away from your gorgeous gown. The veil you wish to wear, along with any jewelry, should all be chosen to complement your stunning gown.

Consider the appropriateness of the wedding dress.
One question you should ask when choosing your dress is “is it appropriate for your wedding?” For example, if your wedding is a summer wedding, wearing a large, long-sleeve, ballgown wedding dress would certainly be too much for the heat. Also, if you are hosting a winter wedding, it’s important that you wear a dress that will keep you warm and complement the season. If you are hosting a religious ceremony, it’s necessary to take into account the dress code put forth. If you are not allowed to have open shoulders, finding a dress that fits those guidelines is vital.

When to shop for your wedding dress.
Weekdays will be the most opportune time to shop for your gown. While others are busy with work and other responsibilities, you can block out an entire day to find your perfect dress and schedule any alterations needed. Having enough time to choose your wedding dress will certainly pay off as you walk down the aisle.

Here at Contagious Events, as a wedding planning company in Boston, Massachusetts, we want to help you plan your incredible day from your walk down the aisle to your last farewells. If you are ready to work with a Boston wedding planner, please feel free to contact us today.


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