5 Unique Rituals for Your Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding ceremony is all about uniting with your partner! The loving bond that you have created together is truly special, and you will certainly highlight just how wonderful your relationship is by evoking heartfelt vows to one another. However, there are other ways in which you can unite as one.

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Are you aware of some of the most popular rituals that you could showcase during your own wedding ceremony?

We love when couples highlight a dash of uniqueness throughout their big day! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, as Boston wedding planners, we have comprised some unique rituals that you could highlight on your own wedding day. Would you like to discover what these rituals are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

Wrap Yourselves in Blankets

Derived from Native American cultures, the couple wraps themselves up together in a blanket during their wedding ceremony, symbolizing warmth and togetherness as they take on their future together.

Exit Under Swords

Popular for military weddings, the newlywed couple exits their wedding under an arch of swords held by fellow military colleagues. This is a wonderful way to showcase a pledge of fidelity and protection for your marriage together.

Host a Sundial Ceremony

Add a dash of Celtic culture to your wedding ceremony by taking part in a sundial ceremony. Choose a sundial with a hole in the middle of it, which you and your partner will then touch fingers through the hole, symbolizing confirmation of their union and to always value the time that you will spend together in your future.

Light a Fire

Similar to the unity candle ceremony, you and your partner can light a fire together. This is a popular tradition stemmed from Africa and ideal for outdoor or beach weddings. You can present three barrels, one for you, your partner, and one that you will ignite together. You will each light your wood from your own barrel, and then unite your flames together.

Tie the Knot

You can literally “tie the knot” on your big day with this old Irish tradition! The couple will choose a rope and tie a knot together, which symbolizes that your wedding will be a strong bond, just as the knot is strong.

Your wedding ceremony deserves to be a unique experience for you and your partner! These are just a few rituals that you could incorporate into your own big day.

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Are you ready to begin creating your own nuptials with a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts? If so, please contact us here at Contagious Events, as we would be pleased to assist you with doing so.

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