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Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Veil

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Many brides will search for the perfect gown to wear down the aisle. But, there is one detail that you may not have considered yet, your wedding veil. Not only will your veil need to complement your wedding dress, but it will also need to showcase your unique style. Choosing the best veil for your nuptials is a must.

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Have you started shopping for your wedding veil?

We love seeing the beautiful styles that brides create for their wedding day! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we want to help you choose the right wedding veil to complete your attire. If you are ready to become inspired, be sure to continue reading:

  • Complement Your Wedding Dress. There are plenty of details on your wedding dress that can make or break your overall look. Elements such as your material, length, and more can all work together to create a style that fits together perfectly. When choosing your wedding veil, ensure that the elements among it complement your gown, from the fabric to the details, for a beautifully cohesive appearance.
  • Work with Your Hairstyle. Choosing a wedding hairstyle will be at the top of your bridal beauty to-do list. Consider elements such as hair volume, buns, lower or higher updo, and more, as this will determine that veil you choose as well as its placement. When you know your hairstyle, you can begin choosing a wedding veil that will look beautiful with your chosen option.
  • Things to Consider. Are you and your partner creating a ceremony that will feature unique traditions or showcase your religion? Your wedding veil should be appropriate for these traditions, such as if you would like your wedding veil to cover your face as you make your way down the aisle. Or, if you are choosing a vintage-themed wedding, you could opt for a bird cage wedding veil.

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Using these tips, you can walk into your bridal boutique with confidence! After all, we believe every detail of your wedding should be done intentionally – and that includes the wedding veil. Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston wedding planner, we are happy to assist you with creating your flawless wedding day. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts.

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