The Difference Between Venue Coordinators and Wedding Planners (A Partial List)

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This is an actual photo of a venue coordinator at one of our weddings this past summer. Yes, it’s true: you should consider having a wedding planner AND a venue coordinator! While there are some overlapping responsibilities, the role of a wedding planner and a venue coordinator are different. ⠀

If your ceremony and reception are not in the same location, you want to consider a planner. Venue coordinators work for the venue, and they likely don’t go to the ceremony in a separate location. Your wedding planner travels to every wedding location, and is there for the rehearsal, and maybe the rehearsal dinner and welcome reception. ⠀

Coordinators are concerned with things that pertain to the venue, including tables, chairs, linens, catering and serving as point of contact for vendors when they arrive. Planners are also available for these things, and a good planner will collaborate – for example, we take our clients to the rental studio so they can see and select items specifically for their day, and then communicate selections to the coordinator to arrange delivery and pick up details.⠀

Coordinators might offer a list of preferred vendors and share basic details – if it’s a photographer list, for example, they may talk through different styles, prices, etc. Planners build out your budget first and suggest vendors that only fit within the budget.⠀

Venue coordinators can also assist with a broad timeline for the day, whereas your planner will provide something in more detail, starting with the rehearsal the day before and go through all the details on wedding day: from hair and makeup to brunch the day after the wedding.⠀

We offer a design package where we work with clients to select the colors, florals, floor plan, tablescape and so on. Most venue coordinators don’t offer this service, though they will always be open to discussing floor plan and logistics of the venue space itself. ⠀

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll make an offer: if you’re still unsure, feel free to send a message and we can talk it through!⠀

Photo by Sabin Gratz from Marie + Nic’s Wedding at Riverside Farm. Floral by Birds Of A Flower.

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