How to Handle Wedding Decision Fatigue

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Decision fatigue is a very real and true side effect of planning a wedding.

This is an exact statement I sent to a bride earlier today, and it’s so true. As the wedding date approaches, suddenly the things that you said you weren’t going to worry about become these big tasks that eat up way more time than you’re willing to admit. Why the sudden shift from, “as long as it’s pretty, I’m fine with it” to “I need to know the exact HEX Code so I can make the color match what’s on my wedding website!” ?

It’s because these are the decisions that are F I N A L.

Once you’re in the final two/three months of planning, your vendors will have final consults. These are where ALL the specifics are discussed: guest counts, centerpiece quantities, timing, etc. And, because all of us wedding pros take our jobs very seriously and want your day to be just how you envision it, we ask a lot of very specific questions. It can feel like an interrogation, but it’s not. We just want to make sure we have it all right.

Back to decision fatigue: one way to handle this without suffering burnout is by making a decision and not looking back. If it’s taking you more than a few minutes to decide on chair color, then put the task aside for a bit and work on something else. If it’s really on your mind, talk to your partner about it. You can also refer to your original inspiration photos: those boards on Pinterest, the saved instagram images from your favorite vendors, etc. Is there a theme? Do a lot of the photos have the same color chair? If so, there’s your answer. If not, and you really just simply can’t decide, our advice is to match something else so you still have a cohesive look and feel for your day.

Photo by Novella Photography of Maura + Patrick’s wedding.

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