Easy Wedding Party Proposal Gift Ideas

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The bond between the wedding party and bride and groom is so special. Planning with your closest friends can make the most heartfelt memories. As you begin wedding planning after saying ‘yes’ to your future spouse, it’s time to ask your loved ones if they will stand by your side on wedding day. 

Aside from your wedding planner, these will be the people you can rely on during planning and on the day of the event. Not to mention, some of the best wedding photos are with the couple celebrating with their wedding party. Let them know how just much they mean to you when you ask them this sweet question. Today we are sharing our favorite easy and creative wedding party proposal gift ideas! 

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Matching Jewelry

If you are searching for a versatile and lasting gift to ask your friends to be a part of your wedding party, matching jewelry is the way to go. Alex and Ani offers so many different options to choose from that are ready for everyday wear. Whether you choose bracelets specifically for bridesmaids or engraved pieces with each wedding party member’s initial, this is a thoughtful gift that will always remind them of your friendship. Make a simple gift basket by adding in artisan chocolate and wine for an even sweeter surprise.

Shown: Alex and Ani Sister of My Heart Bangle Bracelet. We also recommend their Bridesmaid Bangle Bracelet.

Fashion Forward

For those that love style and fashion, why not gift them a piece of their wedding day outfit? If you already have your color palette and style in mind for the day, choose accessories like dress fun dress socks and trendy bow ties. Gift these to your future wedding party with a card reading ‘Will you stand by my side?’. They will love the sentiment and the special memory behind their wedding day look.

Shown: Big Dot Socks from Happy Socks.

Champagne Gift Box

If you are not a fan of DIY gifts, then make things easy and purchase a gift box! We love this wooden bridesmaid gift box with a labeled champagne flute. It also has a leather card holder for your bridesmaids to easily store your wedding invitations or even fabric swatches for their future wedding attire.  Host brunch with your wedding party and gift them these boxes. Make some homemade mimosa’s and start celebrating! Your wedding party can store all of their accessories and important items for your special day in the keepsake box.

Shown: Beau-coup Wooden Bridesmaid Gift Box.

Handwritten Card

Sometimes, simple is truly best. A sentimental handwritten card to your wedding party can be the perfect way to ask them this important question. Who doesn’t love classic snail mail? These printable cards from basic invite are easy to personalize with a cute design on the front. Mail these cards to your wedding party and wait for them to let you know they got your surprise!

Shown: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Printable Card from Basic Invite.

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