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5 Unique Styles to Consider for Your Wedding

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As you plan your wedding, you will likely have a certain style or idea in mind when choosing your special details. No matter where you draw your inspiration from, you can designate a specific style in which you design for your big day, allowing you to bring each element together to form a cohesive look. For example, if you are choosing items and décor that you would find in a beautiful farm or country setting, you are likely creating a rustic wedding.

What theme will be inspiring your big day?

If you haven’t discovered one yet, you are in luck! As here at Contagious Events, we have gathered five unique style combinations to consider for your own wedding. If you are ready to become inspired, be sure to continue reading:

Southwestern & Rustic.

The desert presents its own beauty! With its southwestern flair, you can showcase unique details for your wedding, but with a twist. By pairing a rustic theme with a southwestern sense of style, you can highlight a unique duo when it comes to choosing elements of décor for your big day. Woven textiles, rust-colored fashion, geometric prints, and more can all be comprised to present a one of a kind appearance.

Industrial & Lush.

The industrial look is becoming quite popular! You can use the industrial feel, such as metals and geometric details, and pair them with warm and lush details, such as greenery and abundant, loosely comprised floral arrangements.

Tropical Gatsby.

‘If you want the beauty and elegance worthy of The Great Gatsby, yet the floral and warm ambiance of a tropical setting, you can combine the two with art-deco inspired stationary, tropical flora, and powerful, gold details.

Sophisticated Summer Camp.

Being a child is often our fondest memories in life. If you are one of the many that enjoy the nostalgia of childhood, you can showcase a summer camp style for your nuptials. Items such as repurposed camping gear, camp favors, canoe photo sessions, and more, will help you create this very unique look.

Retro Boho. 

Our modern boho look is reminiscent of the traditional hippies, but with a more chic fashion sense. There is no doubt that boho is taking the wedding world by storm, and you can get in on this style. Items such as bell-sleeve wedding gowns, neon signs, a retro lounge, and floral crowns will greatly communicate this exclusive look.


These styles can be a wonderful source of inspiration for your nuptials! After all, your big day deserves to be unique. Here at Contagious Events, as a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts, we would be honored to assist you with planning your special day. Contact us today to begin working with your wedding planner in Boston.


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