April 16, 2018

Karine + Marc

Boston Marathon Wedding

Boston, Massachusetts

I wish someone had been filming me when I first got the call from Marc – between the background noise of the city as I walked to a site visit and Marc’s amazing French accent, I was almost certain I didn’t hear him correctly.

Joe: “Wait. Did you just say you are both running in the Boston Marathon and want to get married immediately after?!”

Marc: “Well… yes.”

Joe: “Like… you’re not going to shower first? You’re just going to cross the finish line and get married, on the spot?”

Although we weren’t able to bypass security measures of the marathon (don’t think we didn’t try to work something out!), we were still able to pull off what might be one of our most memorable and unique weddings to date. In the rain. And the wind. And the cold. 

…and it was perfection. Every last bit of it. 

Recently, it seems every year we have clients who are running the marathon. Karine and Marc were special though, they literally ran to their wedding. We planned an incredible day: post race, they would regroup since they were running at different paces and meet with Karine’s parents who were in town for the occasion. From there, the group met us and Rev. Joanna Lubkin at the Arlington Street Church. We armed the couple with florals from Flou(-e)r and had Lara from Studio Nouveau on hand to document the ceremony. 

It’s no secret that I cry at every wedding ceremony where the couple writes their own vows. I thought maybe I could keep it together for this couple, since their vows were in French and my knowledge of the language begins and ends with oui

I was wrong. Not a dry eye in the house. Between the triumph of racing the marathon, overcoming the weather and the emotions of the day, everyone was crying tears of joy and happiness.

Post ceremony, the couple enjoyed special marathon cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes and celebrated with dinner and cava at Loco in South Boston. 

What I loved about Marc + Karine is that they were so energetic and trusting throughout the entire process. Even through their emails, it was clear they were excited and couldn’t wait to get married. They asked us for guidance and even when we told them they may have to spend their entire Friday before the marathon sitting in court to waive the 3-day waiting period for their marriage license, they simply replied with a “whatever it takes, Joe.” Our entire team was especially impressed by Marc’s ability to keep so many elements of the day a secret: Karine didn’t know he had arranged for flowers and cupcakes to be incorporated into the ceremony, and he surprised everyone, including our team, when he showed up at the ceremony with a special necklace for Karine.

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