Full Service Wedding Planning

It’s official. You’re finally engaged (with the ring to prove it). You’ve been waiting for this moment long enough and now that the urge to yell “I’m engaged” from atop of Mount Rushmore has started to subside, it’s time to start planning.

Photo: Danny Gorman Photography

Come hell or high water, your wedding will be over the moon fun for you and your guests.

You may not know the difference between hydrangeas and peonies, or maybe you want vintage, rustic and classic romance all in one giant party.

Even if you’re clueless about everything else, you’re ready to start putting the pieces together: from dazzling blooms to mouthwatering pastries… whether it’s a quaint backyard wedding, a picturesque Boston Island getaway or a location in between, we’ll help bring your vision to life.

The secret to an out-of-this-world wedding is a darn good wedding planner.

Sure you can go anywhere and find any old event planner. Heck, you can probably plan your wedding all by yourself. But there’s one little problem: You’ve only got one shot and you’re not willing to leave it to chance (and we don’t blame you).

We’ll combine your brilliant ideas with our wedding know-how to create a noteworthy wedding that even the Boston Red Sox wouldn’t dare compete with.

Photo: Rebeca K Gutwin

Something to feel good about

Everyone at your wedding will smile as they witness one of the most important days of your lives. We can help you put a smile on a stranger’s face, too!

Here’s how we create socially responsible weddings:

  • We donate a portion of all proceeds to local nonprofits
  • We repurpose florals and donate to local hospice organizations
  • We encourage our clients to work with local vendors


Full Service Wedding Planning Package

Here’s the complete list of what’s included:

We’ll create a planning portal to keep everything wedding-related in one place, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Our clients use this portal to save inspiration photos, plan their budget, organize vendor agreements, schedule meetings and important dates, and more.

We know there are a lot of wedding checklists out there: we’ll supply you with one master checklist, with monthly assignments so you’ll never feel like you’re forgetting something. The best part? You can assign certain tasks on your checklist to your planner!
We will work with you to create a customized wedding budget that takes into account your priorities and vision for your wedding day.
After meeting with you and getting a sense for your overall wedding design wishes, we’ll create a list of potential venues for us to check out together.
Once the venue is booked, we’ll start assembling your wedding team: starting the major vendors. Contagious Events never accepts commissions or kickbacks from vendors, so we’ll be transparent in finding the best vendors for your day.
Sometimes being a wedding planner is a lot like being a real estate agent. We won’t give up until we find the right home for your wedding celebration!
We can’t promise we’ll score you the deal of a lifetime, but we can guarantee you’ll get a comprehensive agreement and a fair price.
We’re not sticklers for etiquette, but we like to make sure our clients know what the “rules” are before we decide to bend them. We’ll help you navigate the wedding etiquette waters and make sure you don’t feel like you missed something big.
It’s easy to pick out things you like… putting it all together into one cohesive design that actually works is another thing. We’ll help you design a swoon-worthy wedding that’ll look great in your photo album.
We’ll help you with the design, printing and mailing of your invitations. There are a lot of tricks in this aspect of wedding planning, if not done properly it could end up costing you dearly.
You know what’s the worst? Getting a note that your package “couldn’t” be delivered because no one was home to sign for it. To avoid that, have your wedding-related packages shipped to our office: we’ll sign for them, let you know when they’ve safely arrived and schedule a convenient time for you to pick them up.
We’ll take care of organizing your hotel room block arrangement. One less thing for you to stress over!

Working with your budget and design, we’ll facilitate coordinating the perfect food & beverage for your wedding day, matching you with the perfect caterers to create your wedding menu.
We’ll design, create and maintain your wedding website so you can have a destination for your guests to check your registry, get important wedding updates and lodging information.
We’ll establish and maintain communication with all your vendors so nothing is lost in translation and everyone is on the same page.
We’ll create vendor-specific checklists so you know all the right questions to ask when searching for your team of wedding vendors.
Using your planning portal, we’ll coordinate and attend vendor meetings, as needed. We’re also happy to host the meetings at our office, conveniently located across from South Station.
We’ll create a detailed timeline for you and your wedding party so you’ll know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes while you get ready. We also create production schedules for all the vendors, which are provided in advance so everyone knows what’s happening, when. Fellow wedding vendors have actually told us we should “teach a class on wedding timelines” – it’s something we take pretty seriously.
We’ll contact each of your vendors one week before the wedding to make sure all final details are mapped out and understood.
We don’t charge by the hour, ever. Our fees are retainer-based and never change from what’s outlined in your original agreement. Although we plan our schedules in advance to avoid burnout, we’ll hold your hand through the entire process to make sure you have wedding planning confidence.
We’ll guide & direct your wedding party on the day of your wedding to make sure everyone is where they need to be. Our clients and their wedding parties appreciate having us as a “point person” throughout the wedding to assist with any last minute requests.
Although we put a lot of care into creating your wedding day timeline, we’re aware that sometimes things don’t go perfectly on time. We’ll monitor your timeline throughout the wedding to make sure we stay on track and avoid any major problems (like your guests not being fed in time).
Many venues won’t allow their staff to touch wedding cards and gifts – we don’t think your family should be responsible for moving those items to a safe place, so we’ll take care of that for you.
Our clients can have RSVPs sent directly to our office – we’ll record responses in your online planning portal on a weekly basis and return the original cards to you.

We’ll facilitate your wedding rehearsal with your wedding party so everyone knows what to do when the moment comes. Typically this takes only an hour, but we schedule two hours of our day to make sure there’s plenty of time to calm nerves and answer any questions.
Although we don’t attend the actual dinner, we will coordinate and finalize the details for your rehearsal dinner with your friends & family.
We’ll make sure the chairs are lined up and the aisle is clear. Any other details that need to be handled (signage, reserved seating, direction to other vendors) will be taken care of by our team.
From escort cards to the cake table and wedding favors, we’ll make sure your reception space is set up properly for your guests’ arrival.
Why two? Well because sometimes your guests will need assistance with something and we want to be sure someone is always available to take care of you!
We’ll greet your vendors, assist with load-in and make sure they have everything they need for a successful wedding experience.
We can’t promise we’ll score you the deal of a lifetime, but we can guarantee you’ll get a comprehensive agreement and a fair price.
Many vendors will have a balance due on your wedding day. Instead of carrying checks around all night, you can hand them to our team and we’ll handle all final payments.
If your vendors went above and beyond, you may want to offer a gratuity. We’ll share best practices, and take care of distributing them so you can focus on celebrating.
Once the dust has settled, there will most likely be some lost and found items or remaining details – we’ll scheduled a convenient time to go over everything and recap the wedding.
If you’re planning on having a wedding brunch, we’ll help coordinate those details and one coordinator will be on-hand to help guide and direct guests.
If you think you’d like to share the love after the wedding is over, we’ll work with your photographer to submit your wedding photos to local and national blogs. Please note: while we can make our best effort, ultimately the decision to publish a wedding is entirely up to the publications and we cannot guarantee results.
“I cannot recommend Joe and Contagious Events highly enough. Joe was able to meet with my son and his fiancé and glean from them what sort of feel and look they wanted for their event before they could even articulate it themselves. His organization and attention to detail was flawless. When we experienced a glitch at our venue, Joe stepped in quickly and masterfully and managed to shield us from the fallout. The result was a wedding that was personal, stunning, and joyful. Thanks to Joe, my husband and I were able to enjoy the day instead of worrying. If you have a celebration in the near future, this is the outfit you want to hire. Period.”Jodi Picoult