Your bridal bouquet can be just as visually powerful as your dress

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That dress, the one you spent weeks or even longer looking for, looks so great on you! It complements your figure and looks extremely flattering. Then, there is your hair, it falls perfectly around your face and makes your features pop in the most gorgeous way. Let’s not forget to mention your makeup, you picked just the right style, not too bold, and not too subtle, creating a look of pure elegance…


If you’ve spent any amount of time comparing dress styles, hair-dos and lip gloss tints, chances are you’ll also want to pay attention to your bridal bouquet. Seeing as you would not overlook any of these details of your look as the bride, you should make sure that your bridal bouquet receives the same amount of attention, as it is the most prominent accessory, and it has the ability to pull your entire wedding look together. Designing the right bouquet will not only complement your bridal visage, but also your entire wedding day.
Your bouquet is just as important as each element of your bridal look, which is why we, here at Contagious Events, have gathered the top tips creating a bouquet of luxury for your big day.

  • Complementing you. Your bouquet should complement you and your body type.
    • For the more voluptuous bride, a large round bouquet will radiate elegance.
    • Now, the more petite bride, would most benefit from a small nosegay or a composite bouquet. It is your wedding day, so you will not want to forget to design your bouquet to be flattering to you personally.
  • Working with the gown. Your bouquet and gown work as the perfect team to pleasantly bring all eyes to you as you walk down the aisle.  
    • For those classic ball gowns, it is important to match their elegance with a bouquet that is just as impressive, the bigger the gown, the bigger the bouquet.
    • The slim silhouette dresses require a bouquet that is also light and airy, perhaps a posy or a nosegay.
    • If your dress has a little more glam to it, such as an embellished gown, it is important to choose a bouquet that does not take away from the details of your gown, so try a simple bouquet or a tight nosegay. Your expensive dress deserves to be considered when designing your bouquet.
  • Matching the Venue. When you chose your venue, it is likely that you chose the one you did because it perfectly represented the type of wedding vision you have, so why not match your bouquet to it as well?
    • For that outdoor wedding, do not try and compete with mother nature. Instead, try going for a that freshly picked feel to complement the beautiful earthy elements.
    • To match a ballroom venue, try a large round bouquet to add to the elegance of the space.
    • A loft-style venue would be best enhanced by a simple bouquet, so that it does not overpower the room. Your venue sets the mood for your wedding, and your bouquet should be in sync with that mood.

As you start designing your bridal bouquet, give it some thought, and do not forget to consider each and every detail, no matter how big or small. Here at Contagious Events, we want each element of your wedding to be as unique as you are, so be sure to contact us today, as we would be honored to help your plan your Massachusetts big day!


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