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Where to Find Inspiration for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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It may have become second nature to love your partner, but you may have trouble figuring out how to write wedding vows. You just can’t imagine living without them, or not having the chance to love them. Love is a beautiful thing that you share. When it comes down to describing how you feel and putting into words the extent of your love, that may be a difficult task.

Luckily, we have some ideas to find inspiration for writing wedding vows!

Your wedding vows are your opportunity to express to your partner the love and appreciation you have for them. But it can be hard to start the process!

Here at Contagious Events, we want your big day to be better than you ever imagined. That’s why we have put together a few helpful tips to assist you in learning how to write wedding vows. If you still need help finding the perfect words, be sure to keep reading to learn more:

Here are just a few ideas to start writing your wedding vows:

Think back over your fondest memories with your partner.

You and your partner started creating your love story the moment you met. Even if it took quite awhile for things between you to take off, it is still a part of your story. Whether you were high school sweethearts, childhood friends, or even met through other friends, the story is yours. You can reference moments within your story in your vows. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at them to lighten the mood. Perhaps reference that time you were on a date and your partner laughed so hard that they cried, or the first time they broke out in song and dance in front of you. These are endearing moments that you will cherish forever and that will certainly make great additions to your vows.

What do you admire about your partner?

There are many things you surely love about your partner. The way their eyes reveal how special they know you are, or how well they handle your difficult family. Those stunning eyes of theirs, or that smile that makes your heart melt… these are all fantastic qualities. There are many reasons you love your partner and complimenting them is a lovely way to express your admiration.

Take time with your partner.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be hard to focus on anything, let alone discovering your deepest emotions and translating them onto paper. Sometimes, it can be helpful to take a breath and just enjoy the company of your partner. You can take a little time to go on a couple’s retreat to better get in touch with your feelings, and the feelings that you share with your partner. A little alone time will remind you of every reason you love your partner, and why you both belong together. So, take a break from your everyday life, and sneak away for some alone time to get a better handle on what you want to vow to your partner, and to revisit the many reasons as to why you love them.

It can be hard to put into words those incredible feelings that you have for your partner. However, these tips will help you learn how to write wedding vows with ease. Here at Contagious Events, we can help you plan a once in a lifetime wedding. If you are ready to start planning your Massachusetts big day, be sure to contact us today.

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