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Choosing your wedding style at the early stages of wedding planning will help guide you throughout the process. Your wedding style will help you make decisions, focus on what’s important and help minimize stress. Now that you and your partner are engaged and planning your special day, it’s time to decide what style of wedding you want to host. There are plenty of styles that can make your wedding day special for you and your partner.

Are you aware of the most popular wedding styles? And how your décor can be influenced by each?

We believe that newlyweds would benefit from choosing a wedding style that complements their personal tastes. That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have put together many points of inspiration for choosing your own wedding style.

So, what is a wedding style? Here are some of our favorites: 

A backyard wedding is the opportunity to tie the knot in a completely intimate environment, without the hassle of too much glam. This is the perfect option for the minimalist couple, as you can choose family style dining or backyard BBQ for the cuisine, while keeping the centerpieces and venue simplistic, such as by utilizing mason jars, baby’s breath, and string wedding lights.

The bohemian theme is quite popular as it expresses the freedom and enjoyment of love and life. For your bohemian wedding, you can consider wild flowers, floral crowns, flowing dresses, lace, and the romantic setting of the woods, showcasing some natural, rustic flair.

Who doesn’t love the beach? You can tie the knot while digging your toes in the sand. This is the perfect opportunity for a free-flowing gown, beach sandals (or no shoes at all), and adorning your big day with sea creatures and nautical symbols such as anchors and rope.

Do you and your partner love the casual style in life? You can tie the knot with a classic, minimalistic wedding appearance. Consider a casual wedding dress, such as sheath silhouette with minor details. In addition, choose a venue that has meaning to you, such as your favorite park or a backyard. For your flowers, simple blooms such as daisies or tulips would be ideal.

The chic style is quite beautiful. You can choose your favorite setting that offers a lovely natural element, and adorn it with gorgeous displays of pink, gold, and white. Think glam meets nature. Chic styles often feature a strong main color (such as black) and accented with just one or two accent colors. The trick to chic is keeping it simple and allowing the accent décor to “pop” as guests enter the room.

If you have your heart set on the classic wedding image, it’s time to search for the gorgeous china or crystal dinnerware, white blooms, a voluptuous gown, and wedding pews. Roses are always an ideal choice, a veil that covers your face, and pew bouquets among the ends of your pews. Oh, and let’s not forget the rose petal lined aisle!

Elegant, yet different, your wedding day can radiate contemporary. Large and oddly shaped centerpieces and blooms, combined with unique details will create a lovely and contemporary wedding. Think gorgeous shapes when planning, as a way to showcase some geometric flair. A lounge would pose as an ideal venue for such a modern event.

This is the old time, classy wedding style that is definitely leaving couples drooling. Grooms are decked out in jeans, checkered jackets, handsome vests, suspenders, and more. The bride gets gorgeous floral crowns and ethereal dresses. You can amp up your big day even further with “Great Gatsby” elements, such as sparkling rhinestones, flapper gowns for your bridesmaids, and feather embellishments.

The wedding you would expect your favorite A-List couple to create can be showcased throughout an elegant style. Towering and sophisticated centerpieces with an altar fit for a king and queen, you can recite your vows in complete luxury. Consider adorning your altar entirely with blooms, incorporating rhinestones into your centerpieces, and representing an “over the top” appearance.

Just because it’s a formal event, doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t feature the beauty found in eccentricity. Fill your big day with many colors, quirky centerpieces and décor, and make use of the most unexpected items for your wedding elements. Let your creativity stand out from what is considered to be “normal” wedding etiquette, and highlight some flair.

A garden wedding gives you and your partner the opportunity to join together in a lush and natural environment while being surrounded by the most gorgeous blooms. Think nature and white lights for a romantic day. A lovely outdoor setting is a must, filled with natural flowers, such as garden roses and windflowers. In addition, adorn yourself with a sheath gown and a floral crown.

Do you have a love for the preppy things in life? Adorn your big day with pinks and blues, while also incorporating colorful stripes. You can host your preppy wedding at a lovely country club for the ultimate ambiance. Consider sophisticated blooms, such as peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus, to complement the style.

A wedding day calls for romance, and by choosing the right elements, you can set the perfect tone for your own big day. Lighting is the best way to set a romantic tone, and you can incorporate candles, string lights, and combine them with gorgeous displays of red and pink roses, for the ultimate look of intimacy. In addition, an ethereal wedding dress will pair gorgeously with your setting.

Think about the most beautiful items you would see on a lovely farm. These can all come together to create a rustic wedding, and the best setting would be a barn, of course! Hay bales, barrels, mason jars, baby’s breath, wildflowers; there is so much creativity to be utilized when developing your rustic big day.

Do you love the ambiance that the city displays? You can choose an industrial wedding and have it set in your favorite city building that highlights the beauty of bricks and metal. Gorgeous light bulbs can dangle from the ceiling, creating a well-lit space. In addition, consider utilizing metal tins and copper elements for your centerpieces.

What is love without a little bit of fairytale romance? Honor your love for the whimsical with loosely comprised centerpieces with free-flowing blooms, within a garden or ethereal setting. Pinks, purples, and blues would be ideal colors, and non-symmetrical appearances would be the perfect complement for such a fun style.

Your wedding style will set the scene for your big day. If you’re planning a Boston wedding, be sure to contact us here at Contagious Events, so we can bring your wedding style vision to life. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to begin working within your own Boston, Massachusetts wedding planner.

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