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Wedding Registry Tips: Becoming a Wedding Registry Pro

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There are many large tasks that accompany planning your wedding, from seating charts and guest lists to floral décor and your wedding registry. We’ll be sharing some ideas on all these wedding tasks, but today we want to focus specifically on wedding registry tips. Many wedding planning tasks that seem like small details in the big picture end up taking more effort and time than initially thought – when it comes to your wedding registry, it’s important to remember that your guests are thrilled about your upcoming nuptials and want to celebrate by presenting the perfect gift for you and your new spouse. The first wedding registry tip to keep in mind is for those of you who say it feels awkward to ask your guests for a gift. Our tip: don’t feel awkward. You may just want your guests to be present with you (their presence is your present), but the truth is, your guests will feel awkward showing up at your wedding without a gift – so make it easier for your guests and offer them some guidance.

Planning your wedding registry doesn’t have to be a daunting task. And, just as everyone learns differently, you may want to approach your wedding registry differently.

We know how important it is for your wedding day to fit your style. That’s why we are sharing some wedding registry tips.

Wedding Registry Tips #1: Work with Your Partner

This is your big day, of course, but remember that it is also your partner’s big day too. Your fiancé certainly has their own likes, opinions, and ideas to contribute to your registry. It’s only fair that you listen to their wants, as it is an important day for both of you. When deciding what items to present among your registry, make sure that you both agree.

Wedding Registry Tips #2: Get a Head Start

Waiting until the last minute to create your registry, not only puts a lot on your plate as your wedding draws near, but it also cuts back on time your guests could have for wedding shopping. Even if you don’t complete your list right away, a good head start is much better than nothing.

Wedding Registry Tips #3: Consider Your Lifestyle

While many will suggest adding your favorite gravy train, china set, or punch bowl, you should take a second and consider if you would ever use these items. Take a look at your lifestyle and register for wonderful items that you know would fit into yours. This will help you be genuinely happy with your gifts, and avoid any need for pesky re-gifting.

Wedding Registry Tips #4: Consider Your Guests When Registering

When you walk into the store, you will certainly be met with dazzling, high priced items that you would absolutely love to own. However, no matter how incredible these items are, it’s still courteous to consider your guests before you add that overly expensive china set. Even if the majority of your guests will be able to afford such luxuries, it’s still polite and realistic to keep your registry off the expensive end of the scale, or at least offer options in an array of price ranges.

Wedding Registry Tips #5: Update Your Registry Often

Imagine opening your wedding gifts and receiving three or more of the same gift. Keeping your registry up to date will keep your guests from repeating gifts. Arranging for your registry to update automatically is extremely helpful, especially when you become very busy with planning your other wedding details.

Your registry is a tool your guests will use to present you with the perfect gift, and be confident that they are purchasing you something that you will truly love. These are a few helpful wedding registry tips to plan your wedding registry with ease. Here at Contagious Events, we want to help you plan your perfect Boston wedding day. If you are all set to begin planning with a Boston wedding Planner, please be sure to contact us

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