Wedding Reception Venue: How to Choose

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The setting of your wedding reception is incredibly important! Each venue has the ability to contribute a special element to your celebration. For example, your wedding ceremony can be complemented with an intimate and romantic setting. Your wedding reception setting, however should create a celebratory atmosphere.

On your big day, you and your loved ones will dance, eat delicious food, share great conversation, and enjoy the fun of your big day. You can guarantee that your reception will be unforgettable when you create the perfect setting for you and your guests. Here at Contagious Events, we believe that a wedding reception should be a festive time for you, your spouse, and your loved ones to celebrate your nuptials. 

Here are our tips for selecting the perfect wedding reception venue:

​The Right Appeal
What wedding vision are you trying to create? It’s important to find a wedding reception venue that will complement the theme of your big day. But, you can determine whether there are other appealing details that can benefit your vision, such as a golf course for a preppy themed wedding, or a garden for a natural and whimsical big day. These can help further the image you planned for your celebration.

Research Your Wedding Reception Venues
Your wedding reception venues will have many things to offer your big day. However, they all come with their own limits and rules. One very important detail to pay attention to is the capacity of your venue. It must be able to hold all of your guests that have submitted their RSVP. Also, each venue has their own rules and regulations on items such as alcohol allowed, noise restrictions, and even music restrictions. Do your research before your book your venue, to ensure that you receive each detail that you seek.

An Agreeable Contract
There is nothing more important than double and triple checking your contract. You must know all the specifics of your venue before your sign and pay a deposit. This way, you are aware of all circumstances and dues that you will be putting forth, so that there are no surprises when your wedding day arrives.

Your wedding reception will be a wonderful opportunity to honor your new commitment. Be sure that your celebration is unforgettable by using these tips to choose the perfect venue. Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston wedding planner, we can assist you in planning your special day. Contact us today to begin planning your Boston, Massachusetts wedding.

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