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Pricing & Services

Confession: it’s hard work packing all weddings into pre-determined packages. Below is what we find ourselves most commonly helping our clients with. Of course, not all clients are the same, and no two weddings should ever be the same. So while these packages provide some guidelines, we also offer customized wedding plans – there’s no cost, and as always, no obligation.

request a custom wedding plan

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Happy Hour Hourly Consultation Service


Per Hour
  •  Pre-Meeting Questionnaire
  •  Create Agenda Based on your Needs
  •  Minimum of two hours
  •  Consultation in a meeting room with state of the art A/V equipment
  •  Complimentary beer and water

Primetime Month of Coordination


Starting Rate
  • One site visit
  • Minimum of two on-site coordinators
  • Create detailed timeline
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Contact vendors to confirm details
  • Coordinate vendor arrival and set up
  • Distribute final payments
  • Guide & direct wedding party
  • Act as behind-the-scenes manager
  • Unlimited hours on wedding day
  • Tie up loose ends

Planning fees fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including wedding location and scope of project.
Contagious Events availability is limited, as we book only one wedding per weekend in an effort to give our clients the attention they deserve.