Branding Your Wedding: Wedding Invitation Cards and Wedding Websites with our Friends at Basic Invite

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This blog post is sponsored by Basic Invite. We have independently selected Basic Invite as a preferred partner for our clients weddings for the past two years and only accept sponsorships from companies we have an established, positive relationship with.

I’ve talked before about the importance of branding your wedding: taking the time to identify your wedding style and finding ways to incorporate that style into each element of your wedding to give it a cohesive look and feel. Generally, this means working with a specific color palette, fonts and overall aesthetic. 

When we work with our clients, we try to identify a “brand” at the start of the design process. For your guests, the first time they’ll be introduced to your wedding aesthetic is when they receive the save the dates, or when they visit your wedding website. This is important, because it’s the first impression your guests will have of your wedding day – and regardless of if you’re having an elegant, black-tie event, or a more intimate vow exchange, our friends at Basic Invite are a great resource for anyone looking for some help with their wedding style. Today, I’m going to outline just how simple branding your wedding can be with the help of Basic Invite

Wedding Invitation Cards

There are many options for wedding invitation cards, but Basic Invite has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. They offer a wide range of unique designs and options in virtually any color you can dream up. Seriously: more than 40 different envelope colors and more than 180 colors for your wedding invitation cards. For those looking for a turnkey approach, Basic Invite offers more than 900 wedding invitation sets. Sets, not suites, because their offerings go beyond just the invitation. These sets include things like your save the date, wedding invitations, day of stationery (think menus, place cards, ceremony programs and more) and even the thank you cards. If you’re an artsy couple, or have a specific design in mind that you’re planning to have created for you, Basic Invite has the option to upload your own designs – they’ll take care of the printing for you.

If you’re feeling a wave of anxiety while reading this, worrying about how you’re going to collect all the addresses you need in order to send out your wedding invitations, fret not! Basic Invite has an incredible, free address collection service. You simply share a link to your guests, and collect the addresses, and then let Basic Invite do the rest, because they offer free envelope printing. Free.

As a planner, nothing makes me more excited than seeing couples fall in love with their wedding stationery. One of the best messages I get from clients is the text when they get their own save the date in the mail – they’re so excited and it’s usually the first tangible thing that makes couples feel like the wedding is real. With Basic Invite, the excitement doesn’t have to end with stationery; if you love your wedding invitation cards so much, you should also love your wedding website, and with Basic Invite, that’s easy to do because they offer… 

Free Wedding Websites

If you’re anything like me, you read free and raise a skeptical eyebrow, but trust me: it’s true! Basic Invite offers couples the ability to easily create a free wedding website, perfectly matched to your wedding aesthetic.

Remember, this post is about branding. So once you’ve chosen the perfect aesthetic for your wedding day, and selected the perfect wedding invitation cards to go with it, you can use Basic Invite to launch a completely free wedding website to share all the details with your guests. We tell all of our clients to launch a wedding website with general information like date, location, registry information and accommodations at a minimum so you can include the wedding website url on your save the dates. As the date approaches and you finalize the details, you can go back and fill in the details: transportation schedules, specific timing of the day, etc. 

Basic Invite makes it super easy to upload all your wedding details – including images, maps, and directions for your guests. The websites are styled to match their wedding sets, and you have the option to customize even further by choosing from 180 custom colors, so you can be sure your website can feature your wedding color palette. 

Your wedding website is so important, and yet is often overlooked by couples. If you’re engaged, you likely already know what it’s like to get a million questions about the big day – wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply say “everything is right on our website,” and move away from unsolicited wedding chat? With Basic Invite, you get a free wedding website so the only thing it will cost you is an evening in front of the computer with your partner – an investment that will surely pay off throughout the engagement.

There are so many details and decisions that go into making an amazing, memorable wedding. Having a strong wedding brand early on in the process will help guide you throughout the planning phase and help with the decision making, because you’ll be able to ask yourself questions like “does this fit in with the overall aesthetic?” or “does this work with our color palette?” – the no brainer decision is to start with Basic Invite for unique, customizable wedding invitation cards and free wedding websites. You’ll thank us later ?

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