we've built the best wedding budget calculator on the internet.

Let's face it: most wedding budget calculators online leave something (okay, lots of things) to be desired. They're too simple and don't take specific wedding details into account. For couples, these generic, one-size-fits-all calculators aren't much of a help at all: they simply take a percentage of your overall budget and apply that to the various categories of wedding planning. But here's the problem: not all weddings are the same, and no two wedding budgets are alike.

At Contagious Events, we believe weddings are as unique as the people they celebrate. That's why we set out to fix the online wedding budget calculator. The result is an online tool that will not only tell you whether or not your budget will cover each aspect of the wedding, but will also tell you how much your ideal wedding could cost.

Wedding Budget Calculator

Over the years, we've helped hundreds of people plan their weddings. One of the best methods to avoid wedding planning stress is to establish a realistic budget early in the planning process so that you can avoid surprises and anxiety as you get further into the planning process.

But how much money should you plan to spend on a wedding? How do you know how much your wedding will cost? How do you determine your wedding budget breakdown?

Our wedding budget calculator will answer these questions for you, and let you know if there are any categories where your budget may fall short, so you can plan accordingly. PLUS, you'll get an accurate quote for our wedding planning services immediately - no emails back and forth, no games - just a straightforward quote.

Let's Get Real:

We believe weddings are supposed to make you feel a certain way, but that doesn't mean they all should look a certain way or cost a specific amount. If this budget looks intimidating, please contact us today - we're here to help!

why don't wedding vendors list their prices online?

We believe there's a huge issue in the wedding industry, and a lot of has to do with pricing. For couples, it's extremely frustrating that they can't just go online and easily find general pricing information from wedding vendors. Without this information, it becomes exceedingly difficult to put together an accurate wedding budget.

But wedding vendors experience this frustration as well! It's not so easy for a caterer to quickly give you a figure without asking a lot of questions first. After all, a 7-course plated dinner is going to be significantly more expensive than a buffet. The truth is, there are so many variables many vendors have to take into consideration, it just isn't possible to list pricing details, because every wedding is different.

If every wedding is different, how does this wedding budget calculator work?

This wedding budget calculator is powered by average costs in the Boston area wedding market. It's not designed to give you a thoroughly detailed budget, but it is going to give you a rough idea of the figures you can expect to receive from vendors when you request a quote. To get these averages, we interviewed real wedding vendors in the area to get an idea for their average costs. We then plugged in those figures to the calculator, which uses those figures from wedding vendors, coupled with your responses, to build your wedding budget.