Top Things to Consider When Meeting Potential Wedding Vendors at Bridal Bash

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This blog post is sponsored by Boston Event Guide. We have independently selected Boston Event Guide, and their event, Boston Bridal Bash, as a preferred industry partner for couples planning their wedding and have participated in the event in years past.

Boston Event Guide’s Bridal Bash is coming to Boston on March 15th. This event is a great opportunity to meet with wedding professionals in person. Having the opportunity to meet with wedding pros in a candid environment is one of the best ways to start researching and narrowing your list of who you’d like to hire to play a part of your big day. But for some, it can feel a little overwhelming, so today I want to share some of my top tips to make the best of your time at Boston Bridal Bash.

Have a Plan

It may seem obvious, but this is very important. You’ll want to go with a plan. There will be hundreds of wedding pros, all vying for your attention. To make the most of your time, make a list of the vendor categories you want to explore while you’re there. You’ll meet with venues, cake makers, stationers, planners, honeymoon specialists, caterers, photographers and videographers, and likely vendors from categories you didn’t even consider could play a part in your big day. So, create a list, by category, and use that list to guide your goals for the day.

Make a List

Now that you have your plan, start listing out all the questions you have about wedding planning! Don’t be shy: Boston Bridal Bash is a great forum for you to ask any question and get clarification if you need it. The wedding pros who are there would be happy to offer their opinion and guide you in the right direction.

Be Prepared

To be efficient with your time, print a few sheets of labels with you and your partners’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Everyone is going to ask for this basic contact information, so instead of leaving Boston Bridal Bash with a cramped hand, a sheet of labels makes it painless and efficient: simply peel and stick!

Bring Your Partner

This one is a non-negotiable. There are two of you planning a wedding. It’s important you both have a strong connection with your wedding vendors, and meeting them in person at Boston Bridal Bash is a great place to get your first impression and see if there’s a connection.

Take Notes (and Pictures)

You may think you’ll remember the photographer with the awesome portfolio, but know that you will be meeting with so many vendors, it’s very likely you’ll forget. Take notes as you go through the show, and take pictures of the vendors you gravitated towards so that you’ll remember them!

Enter to Win!

All Boston Bridal Bash guests are entered to win great items valued at over $7,500 – but each vendor may also run their own contest. It could be a free engagement shoot, a significant discount, or something else. So don’t be shy: enter to win! It might just be your lucky day!

Don’t Procrastinate

Keep in mind, all vendors at the event are actively marketing their services. That means it’s likely they will book dates quickly, so if there is a vendor you’re interested in, don’t delay in scheduling a follow up meeting to talk more specific details about your day.

I hope these tips will help you navigate the amazing show floor at Boston Bridal Bash, and I also hope that you’ll make it a productive day! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Revere Hotel on March 15th!

If you can’t make Boston Bridal Bash on March 15th, fret not! There are other dates scheduled: March 22nd in Andover, May 28th and August 22nd in Boston.

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