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Top Five Most Popular Trending Wedding Themes

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Choosing a wedding theme is a wonderful way to ensure that your wedding has a cohesive feel for your guests as they arrive. It can also make planning your wedding much easier! Having a theme to work with can help you make important wedding decisions, such as choosing a venue, décor, and even your attire.

If you are interested in choosing a wedding theme, you may be wondering what themes are leaving their mark on the wedding world.

We know that choosing the perfect wedding theme is of importance! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have put together the top five most popular trending wedding themes to inspire your choice.

Here are our Five Most Popular Trending Wedding Themes:


The ocean is quite alluring, with its mysterious creatures that dwell beneath the water, the crashing waves and crisp air, and the whimsical nautical life that it offers. It’s romantic, and can be a wonderful choice for your wedding theme! Incorporate navy blue and white, and décor details of shells and sand, to create a look as though you are on the beach itself.


While it can resemble rustic, the vintage theme offers a more historic appeal. Showcase an appreciation for past fashion trends with a vintage theme. Utilizing element such as old tea pots and cups, along with hues of yellows and tulips, can create an overall vintage appeal that you guests will cherish.


A wedding is the most romantic event, and you can showcase the pure intimacy that you share with your partner with a romantic theme. You can create an ethereal and whimsical setting to maximize romance on your big day. Reds and pinks paired with roses is the perfect way to evoke such love and admiration throughout your décor.


Can you really beat the classics? A traditional wedding is the way to go if you are head over heels about the traditional wedding event. Whites, roses, a look of symmetry. Your guests will certainly be impressed by such a classy appearance.


Are you dazzled by the care free spirit that boho presents, yet you still have an eye for the lavish things in life? Boho-Chic combines these two wonderful details into the perfect theme for you. Let your whimsical side shine with wildflowers, rich hues, and a look of natural beauty, creating a warm and welcoming appeal.

Your wedding day deserves to shine! These are just a few trends that you can choose for your own big day. Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston, Massachusetts wedding planner, we can assist you with creating an unforgettable wedding day. Please feel free to contact us today to book your wedding planner in Boston.

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