Outdoor Wedding Ceremony under Chuppah at The Estate at Moraine Farm in Beverly, Massachusetts

The Wedding Ceremony is My Favorite.

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The moment when the couple is joined together at the altar, just before the ceremony gets under way, is hands down, my favorite wedding moment.

It’s the moment where everything is in place – we’ve beat the clock to get all the details set before guests arrive, the ceremony processional has gone off without a hitch, and now my job as planner is to just make sure things go according to the detailed timeline we’ve created for our clients.

This is also my favorite moment because although in the grand scheme of the day, it’s only a small portion, it’s the most important. Your wedding ceremony is the reason for the wedding. Your friends and family come together to witness this amazing commitment you’re about to make to each other – the dinner, drinks and dancing to follow is in celebration of that commitment.

So whether you’re planning a quick, casual ceremony, or a longer, more traditional ceremony rooted in religion/faith, remember that this piece of the day is arguably the most important. It’s also one of the only moments of the day where you’ll have everyone’s undivided attention and will be able to see everyone all in one place. Steal a moment or two to look around and take it all in.

When designing, consider this: your ceremony will be heavily photographed and will take up a significant portion of your wedding album – so don’t neglect the design of the ceremony.

Photo by Novella Photography of Hillary + Lee’s wedding at The Estate at Moraine Farm. Floral by Karla Cassidy Designs. Welcome sign by Kate Yenrick Design.

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