The Importance of Wedding Branding

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We believe everything about our couples is unique: from their relationship stories to general interests in life. These one-of-a-kind traits, passions, details, and styles create a story, and that story should be shared and celebrated throughout your wedding. To us, this act of storytelling is the ultimate way to make your wedding entirely personal for you and your partner, and a memorable experience for your guests.

You can achieve a one-of-a-kind wedding by adopting a branding mindset. Branding is your method of making your mark on your wedding day, making it completely yours.

Here at Contagious Events, we’re on a mission to make every wedding unique and exclusive.

If you’re wondering – “How do I identify my wedding style?” – here are some tips for you: 


Consistency is key.
When designing any event, it goes without saying that consistency is key. For example, if you want to throw a rustic themed wedding, you probably want to shy away from geometric shapes, chic silver centerpieces and Broadway-esque fonts to your wedding details. It’s important that the details, from the invitations through the final thank you cards, look consistent and intentional. This portrays a cohesive wedding style and prevents the risk of having design elements that clash.
Sentimental heirlooms.

Don’t overcomplicate it.
It’s easy to get carried away with different ideas, especially with all the different inspiration tools that are available at our fingertips! If you don’t know what your wedding style is, a great trick is to start collecting inspiration images that you like. Once you have a sizeable amount of images to sort through, see if you can identify a theme carried throughout the majority of them. Are you saving a lot of rustic-style images in barn settings? Or maybe there are a lot of images of quaint, backyard weddings with a lot of DIY details. Or perhaps it’s a classic ballroom wedding that’s drawing your attention. Of course, not all of your images will share a common theme, but for many, a dominant style will emerge. Once you’ve identified your style, it’s time to edit and get rid of any images that don’t fit. Yes, there are a lot of beautiful weddings out there, but not every style is your style! Keep it simple and work on conveying one simple idea. This will help your guests relate to your idea as well as appreciate it, as they won’t be overwhelmed.

Express your best qualities.
You and your partner are individuals, but you have come together to form one relationship, and in turn have shared passions and goals in life. Take a moment to think about your personal likes and your values in life. These will play a vital role in accenting your overall wedding style and making it unique. Now think about what values and likes you have as a couple. You can use these elements to brand your wedding day. Focus on your overall look. Every detail comes together to form one cohesive wedding: from your linens to your venue. Together they create the setting for your wedding, the overall look. You can use branding to form a fluid look and feel from start to finish.


Branding your wedding is an incredible way to create a one of a kind feel for your wedding day, and that’s why we at Contagious Events want to help you do just that. We offer to assist you in creating your wedding day to be unique to you and your partner. If you are interested in branding or planning your Boston, Massachusetts wedding, be sure to contact us today.

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