Our Top Three Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

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Choosing to write your own wedding vows is something we’re a big fan of, but we also know it can add an additional layer of stress and pressure to the planning process. Even though you and your partner have immense love for one another, it’s not always easy to find the right words as you write your own wedding vows. Even when you give it your best shot, you could find yourself stumped when it comes to giving your love and passion justice with words.

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Now that you and your partner are engaged, there will come a point when you will begin writing your vows, describing just how much you love your partner, and how you will commit yourself to them for the rest of your life. As if this wasn’t enough pressure, your friends and loved ones will be there to witness you bare your soul to your soulmate. 

Here at Contagious Events, as Boston wedding planners, we want your big day to go perfectly. That is why we are sharing our top three tips for writing wedding vows, even if words are escaping you. So, if you are interested in learning some inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

Give yourself enough time to write your own wedding vows

Know that you probably won’t be able to write your wedding vows in one sitting. You’ve already put so much time and effort into planning your wedding – your wedding vows deserve just as much attention as every other detail, if not more! After all, the wedding ceremony is the “main event” of the wedding.

Ask Others. You know your partner very well, but from a different view than others may know them. If there is one person who knows almost just as much about your partner as you do, it’s likely to be their Best Man or Maid of Honor. So, take a day out with them, to discuss all of the things that you both cherish about your partner. By doing so, you will be provided with the opportunity to get a different perspective on how your partner’s personality is adored by others, which is sure to spark your creativity to assist you with writing your vows.

Write a “Love Letter”. Whether the last time you wrote a love letter was for your crush back in high school, or for your partner in the beginning of your relationship, this is the perfect opportunity to start writing once again. With so much pressure being put on you to write the best vows anyone has ever heard, it can seem overwhelming, and even stressful, to put such heartfelt words onto paper. However, if you look at it form a different view, such as if you were to write a love letter to your soulmate, the words may flow more easily. Writing a few love letters may give you more options for creating your vows. Or, you can simply turn your vows into a love letter!

Once you grab your partner’s hand, look them in the eyes, and recite your beautifully written vows. Overall, know that all of the hard work you put into writing them will be well worth it in the end.

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Are you ready to continue on with planning the rest of your big day by working with a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Contagious Events, as we would be excited with the opportunity to be yours!

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