Our Favorite Wedding Ceremony Tradition

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Our favorite wedding ceremony tradition is one not many people have heard of, yet when we share it with our clients, it’s very well received.

All around the world, across multiple faiths and cultures, wedding rings are believed to be the strongest and most visible sign of the bond between two people. Wedding bands symbolize a commitment to celebrating life together, both in the present and the future.

Including a ring warming in your ceremony will not only add a level of interaction for your guests during the ceremony, but it also serves as an added gift to you and your partner: it offers a way for all who are present to give their love, support, and wisdom.

Ring warming is the act of passing the rings amongst the guests – the officiant instructs everyone present to take a moment during the ceremony to hold the rings and give a personal blessing before the bride and groom exchange rings. By the time the rings make it to the couple, they have been warmed with the wishes and love of their guests.

We love this tradition because although it’s relatively uncommon, it’s very symbolic and offers a chance for your guests to interact and be a part of the ceremony.

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