Let's bring change to
the wedding industry.

Hi. We're Contagious Events, and we're on a mission to bring positive change to the wedding world. If you envision an industry that doesn't tell couples they need to do things a certain way, push trivial traditions and force unrealistic expectations, we want to talk to you.

Whether you're a fellow vendor or an individual looking for a new opportunity, we'd love to learn more about you!

Wedding Vendors:
Who is the Contagious Events couple?

While it's true, especially in our industry, that every business has a target market and ideal client, we're proud to say that we plan all kinds of gatherings, for all kinds of people. Having said that, individuals planning social events and couples who gravitate towards Contagious Events for weddings tend to be inspired by unexpected details and nontraditional elements. Brands that choose to partner with Contagious Events tend to be smaller teams who find value in attention to detail and open lines of communication. They typically desire a creative spin for their events and enjoy our bespoke approach to event design and transparent communication throughout the process.

How we handle vendor referrals:

When we match our clients with potential vendors, we look for what we call the "vendor perfect storm" - it's a combination of fitting within budget, availability, style and team dynamic. We're looking for vendors who will work well together and are inspired to elevate their work. At Contagious Events, we consider every wedding a portfolio piece and look for vendors with a similar mindset. At Contagious Events, there's no such thing as a preferred vendor list - our vendor referrals are made based on the above and our experience with that vendor. It is very rare that we recommend a vendor we do not have experience working with. Which brings us to the next topic...

Collaborations + Styled Shoots:

If we've never worked together and you're in the Boston/New England area, we need to connect, asap. We have so many ideas on how we can get to know one another and become familiar with each other's work! One way is through a styled shoot: as a general rule, we only commit to one styled shoot per year (more on that here), and we like to assemble a vendor team with new contacts so that we have an opportunity to collaborate in a lower stress environment and get to know each other better. If you'd like to participate in an upcoming Contagious Events styled shoot, please click here and we'll be in touch! Past styled shoots have been published on digital outlets on both the national and local levels.

Partnerships + Sponsor opportunities:

If you're a vendor and you feel the same way about making a shift in the wedding industry as we do, let's connect and chat about how we can move the needle. We're currently looking for vendors who are comfortable on video in a less structured format (read: unscripted, conversational in nature) who have insight to share with engaged couples. If you have a lot to say and aren't afraid of being honest, please send us a message. If you have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for our clientele, please don't hesitate to tell us about it, but we're obligated to tell you that we only promote products/services that we truly believe in.

management style:

It seems we work best with professional vendors who appreciate a hands-off and trusting approach: while we will coordinate and orchestrate general timeline and details leading up to the event, on event day we truly take a supporting role - as planners, our job is quite literally to make your job easy. That means communicating details throughout, management the timeline and allowing you and your team to do what you do best without being micromanaged. When you work with Contagious Events, expect super-detailed timelines, all vendor information for photo credits on social media, and quite possibly a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee on wedding night, on us.

This sounds great. Let's connect:

We would seriously love to get to know you - we can get coffee, or if you want to come visit our studio (or welcome us to yours) - or make plans to meet at an upcoming networking event. Whatever works best for you, just drop a line and tell us more so we can get something on the calendar!

Employment Opportunities:
for those who want to learn more about working in the industry:

We love the sense of community among vendor friends, and we're committed to growing that community. Due to the level of service we commit to our clients, we do not offer shadowing opportunities at events, but we do have an internship program. Interning at Contaigous Events means getting hands-on training throughout the planning process: It's more emails and phone calls, less tents dancing. Interested?  Click here to be notified when internships become available.

for those who have experience working in the industry:

Although we experience continued growth year over year, we are still very much a small business and as such, have limited opportunities for employment. Currently, we're interested in connecting with independent contractors who have experience working in the creative fields: both in event management and design fields. If you're passionate about creative design, breaking boundaries and encouraging positive change in the wedding industry, we want to hear from you.