name your price. seriously.

We know that every couple's planning journey is unique. We see it with every inquiry we get: couples reach out to us at all different stages of the planning journey, and many have unique scenarios: sometimes it's a wedding that our traditional packages don't work well for, and other times it's a very specific task they need assistance with.

At Contagious Events, we believe weddings are as unique as the people they celebrate. That's why we're offering couples the chance to start the conversation with us: by telling us your needs and budget, we'll be better positioned to make a customized proposal for your big day.

how does this work?

We'll walk you through all the big aspects of wedding planning in a simple, easy to use online form so we can identify the areas you'll need our help with. The form will also offer you a rough estimate of the time investment we'll need to put in to get the work done.

Once we have all the details, you'll make an offer and we'll review your budget and our availability, and reply within 48 hours to let you know whether or not we can work with you. It's that simple!


Let's Get Real:

The nature of our business is that we can only accomplish a limited amount of work: after all, there are only so many hours in a day and even fewer Saturdays during the wedding season!

Unfortunately, this means that we're simply not able to accommodate every offer we receive, but each offer is reviewed and responded to!

why don't wedding vendors list their prices online?

We believe there's a huge issue in the wedding industry, and a lot of has to do with pricing. For couples, it's extremely frustrating that they can't just go online and easily find general pricing information from wedding vendors. Without this information, it becomes exceedingly difficult to put together an accurate wedding budget.

But wedding vendors experience this frustration as well! It's not so easy for a caterer to quickly give you a figure without asking a lot of questions first. After all, a 7-course plated dinner is going to be significantly more expensive than a buffet. The truth is, there are so many variables many vendors have to take into consideration, it just isn't possible to list pricing details, because every wedding is different.

Okay, I'm ready. Let's do this!

Making an offer to get professional assistance with your wedding plans is just a click away.