Mistakes You Can Expect Your Wedding Guests to Make

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The biggest lesson any wedding planner has to learn is that no matter how much you pour over the details, no wedding is going to go exact to the outline of the day. There’s a saying for that, “the best laid plans…”

Of course our goal as your planner is to make sure everything goes well. Our primary focus is always on the client and guest experience: we put priority in making sure we stick to the timeline, work with the vendors to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to any adjustments, and, if things are running behind, our team has become very talented at finding ways to get things back on track.

There is, however, one piece of the wedding day that we really can’t control: your guests.

Your guests may have never experienced a wedding before. So, when it comes to getting the wedding details right, they may miss the mark for your big day.

So, what mistakes will your guests make?

Calling You and Your Fiancé for More Information.

From the day the engagement is announced to the moment you walk down the aisle, your guests will call on you and your fiancé to ask for more information. Don’t be a broken record – create a wedding website where your guests can get all the information needed for your nuptials. For those guests that aren’t tech savvy, you can include a print out of all the information for your big day. On the wedding day, designate a point person (like your planner) to assist with guest inquiries.

Gifts That Aren’t on Your Registry.

There’s no rule that says a guest must offer a gift in exchange for an invitation to the wedding, but many of your guests will want to give you something as you embark on this new journey together. A registry gives them options for items that you and your partner may need. Don’t skip a registry, and don’t do the classic “we don’t need anything, your presence is our present” cop out – accept the fact that some people want to gift you something! Create a registry and include information on your website, but be prepared for “rogue” gifts – some guests may buy off the registry: it’s important to remember that they are still offering you a gift. You may even be pleasantly surprised with what you might receive.

Surprise Toasts.

If you want to drive your wedding planner mad on the wedding day, encourage surprise toasts. It literally jumps our blood pressure by at least ten points… but we get it – your wedding guests are thrilled that you are tying the knot. And, they likely have their own well-wishes to announce. When a guest surprises you with a toast, just smile and accept it. They are just trying to convey their happy emotions for you. However, if you’re like us and would rather avoid this situation, try gauging who is interested in offering a toast and see if you can incorporate them in other parts of the wedding, like the rehearsal dinner or engagement party. If you suspect some guests may make a speech and you’d really rather they didn’t, work with your planner to strategically place speeches in between other action items on the timeline so there’s less of an opportunity for pop-up speeches.

Remember, your wedding guests are excited to see you and your partner tie the knot! These mistakes may feel like nightmare situations, but now that you are prepared you can cut your guests a break. Here at Contagious Events, as a Boston wedding planner, we know how to deal with strong personalities and can assist you with creating your dream wedding. Contact us today to book your wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts.

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