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Let’s be real: weddings are (usually) expensive. Expensive for the couple getting married, their families, and/or the members of the wedding party.

Today I want to share an idea to help alleviate the financial woes of your wedding party, but suggesting a great concept that is gaining popularity in the industry: renting the wedding day attire – yes, although tuxedos and suits have always been a popular rental item for wedding party members, those who wish to wear a dress are getting in on the rental action as well. Here’s  curated list for you to start shopping for wedding day attire rentals:
This website has bridesmaid dresses as well as groomsmen tuxes. The bridesmaid dress rental costs range from $75-$300+.. Groomsmen tuxes are about $150/tux not including the ‘accesories’ (bow-tie, tie, vest, pocket-square, etc.).
This website has a few options for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen accessories (no tuxes). Bridesmaid dresses are priced for rental or purchase with rental prices about $50-$75/dress. So a bit less than, but much less of a selection. For groomsmen- it seems to be only accessories for purchase.
This website only has bridemaid dresses, ranging in rental cost from $50-$100. actually has a bridesmaid dress section- but it seems limited in colors, selection. (i.e- you don’t have a choice in color for the dress, unlike the other websites). But prices are good from $35-$150.


For online tux/suit rentals, check out:
Tux rentals are about $95 for the tux. They also have rental of shirt, vest, Neckware, shoes, cufflinks, etc- thus- you can find everything here.
Groomsmen can choose their ‘look’ at the website or at one of their many stores. Fitting/Rental seems only to be available through one of their stores.
Personal note on Mens Wearhouse: I often get the side eye when I suggest a “big box” store for wedding attire. While it’s true that it can be overwhelming to browse such a large selection, and still find the perfect fit, I have always believed that you can buy a “cheap” suit and still look like a million bucks by having it tailored specifically to your body. Everyone’s shape and body is different, but a trusted tailor will make a world of difference when it comes to your wedding day attire – so if you can find a suit for $100, don’t feel like you can’t spend twice that on making it look impeccable.
Tux rentals are about $89-$120 for the tux, and then you select what other ‘accessories’ you’ll like to rent (tie, shirt, vest, suspenders, pocket-square, lapel flower, shoes, socks.


If you’re committed to keeping costs low for the members of the wedding party but don’t necessarily love the idea of suggesting a rental, many couples are also opting for a slightly mismatched look by simply giving a color and telling them to wear a dress/suit in that shade. This allows wedding party members to wear attire they may already own, or would wear again, and still gives a cohesive look since everyone will be in the same color. Be prepared, however: this level of freedom not only means varying shades of the color (I swear there are over a million shades of navy out there!) but also could be overwhelming to some – so be sure to give some direction in terms of style, length, etc. Other considerations should include the time of year (weather) you’re marrying in, and comfort (ie: if you’re having a beachside wedding account for wind and definitely don’t put anyone in high heels!).

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