June 28, 2014

Rob + Eric

Backyard Wedding

Boston, Massachusetts

The greatest compliment we get is when a guest approaches us at the end of a wedding and tells us how amazing everything was.

Rob and Eric were guests at Michael and Jerel’s wedding. Rob approached me, asked if I was the planner, and when I said yes, he asked if I could help with their wedding. Initially Eric protested, explaining their wedding was just three weeks away.

Three weeks.

I tell all my clients I need to become a close friend so I can design a wedding and coordinate details that are true to the couple. Three weeks was a challenge, but looking back, it was a great success. Rob and Eric were kind enough to open their home to me for all of our meetings so I could get a better sense of who they were and their personal style, and they quickly opened up, sharing their story and experiences. Thankfully Rob and Eric had already done the legwork of choosing their major vendors, so we worked with them on overall design, styling and ceremony logistics.

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