It’s Important to Do Nothing on Your Wedding Day.

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Once the ceremony is over, the party starts – but just because you’re the first ones out of the ceremony, doesn’t mean you need to hightail it to the bar and immediately make the rounds to mingle with your guests.

I always ask my clients what their drink of choice is for after the ceremony, and have it waiting for them at the end of the aisle. It’s not motivation to hurry through the ceremony, but instead, an opportunity to convince my couples to go somewhere private, for just a few moments, to enjoy one another’s company as an officially married couple.

I think it’s important for couples to periodically take “time outs” during the wedding day – after the ceremony being one of the most important. So much of your wedding day will feel like a blur – I’ve even had couples tell me they don’t remember certain details because they were so hyper-focused on something specific. These strategically placed breaks allow our couples an opportunity to absorb all that’s around them and take it all in

Photo by Gleb Budilovsky Photography from Laura and Corey’s wedding at Commander’s Mansion. Floral by Kinship Floral.

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