Ignore these Summer Wedding Myths

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While spring has only just sprung, know that summer will be here before you know it. So, if you are planning ahead for your summer wedding, you will certainly want to ensure that you take the time to plan it to perfection! After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and should be nothing less than spectacular.

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But, as you go about planning your own summer big day, you may have come across certain “rules” that you feel as though you must incorporate into it. However, know that some of these rules can actually be ignored!

We believe that every couple should plan their nuptials in any way that they please! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, as Boston wedding planners, we have gathered some summer wedding myths that you can ignore when planning your own big day. If you would like to discover what these myths are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Your Big Day Should Be Casual. Summer certainly is a casual season. Shorts, tank tops, sandals; a comfortable vibe is bound to be discovered! However, know that your wedding doesn’t have to be casual. In fact, you can have a black-tie big day if you please! So, know that you can showcase any dress code. However, if you will be hosting your nuptials in the heat, just ensure that you provide your guests with the option to dress in a way that they will be comfortable, and if the weather forecast is particularly warm, consider working with your catering team to add beverage stations throughout the day to keep your guests hydrated.
  • Outdoor Weddings are a Must. When you think of summer weddings, you most likely think of outdoor weddings and tented wedding receptions. However, know that you don’t have to host your big day outdoors! In fact, it’s very common to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, and an indoor reception. This way, you can embrace the beauty of the season for your ceremony, and celebrate in comfort for your reception, without having to worry about the heat or bugs putting a damper on your festivities. Embrace the air conditioning!
  • Bright Color Palettes Are to Be Showcased. Yellows, pinks, oranges; summer is certainly a vibrant season. However, this doesn’t mean that your wedding has to be! If you are hosting a summer wedding, know that you can highlight any colors that you please to comprise your palette. Yes, you can absolutely incorporate cool tones into your summer wedding color palette!

You deserve to plan your wedding however you would like! These are just a few summer wedding myths that you can ignore when it comes to your own big day.

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Are you ready to create your own nuptials with a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts? If so, please get in touch with us here at Contagious Events, as we would be thrilled with the opportunity to assist you with bringing your wedding vision to life!

Photo from Caroline & Alex’s Wedding, by Danny Gorman Photography

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