How to Make A Big Wedding Feel Intimate

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A wedding is a very romantic event! As you and your partner will be vowing your love to one another. However, with an extensive guest list, your celebration could feel more like a party, rather than an intimate occasion.

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If you would like to feel as though you are personally connecting with all of your guests, you may be seeking ways for your big wedding to feel intimate.

We understand the importance of complementing your wedding vision! That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have gathered some ways in which you can create your large wedding to feel more intimate. If you would like to discover what these ways are, you should continue reading:

A Cozy Setting.

Rather than choosing a large, elaborate space for your wedding reception, such as a ballroom or a banquet hall, opt for a more cozy setting! Locations such as backyards, vineyards, or lofts would be ideal, as they will showcase a more close-quartered appeal, allowing your space to fill intimate, but still presenting enough space to host all of your guests.

The Presentation of Your Tables.

Wedding receptions often highlight an array of round tables to seat guests at. However, to have your big day appear more intimate, choose to present long, rectangular tables. This way, your guests can all sit together, allowing you to create a more family-style appeal to your wedding meal.

Romantic Lighting.

You can have your big day evoking romance with the use of lighting! Up-lighting is a great way to showcase a warm and intimate ambiance throughout your space. Candles will do wonders atop your tables for presenting a cozy vibe. So, if you wish to add a homey feel to your wedding day, illuminate it!

Your large wedding doesn’t have to feel like a party! With these tips, you can create your big day to feel intimate, just as it should.

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Photo from Ally & Josh’s wedding, by Novella Photography

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