How To: Honoring Deceased at a Wedding

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Loved ones mean so much to you! From close family members to friends and even pets, you have special people or animals within your life that have made a positive impact in some way. So, shouldn’t they be honored within your wedding? Of course!

However, seeing as loved ones are not always there to be present for your big day, honoring deceased at a wedding is something that many couples choose to do.

Here are some tips for honoring deceased at a wedding:

Have a moment of silence.
Within your wedding ceremony, you can set a time aside to have a moment of silence for your passed loved ones. Or, you can choose to have this special event after your toasts are shared within your wedding reception. You can speak a few words about your passed loved ones, and then ask your guests to participate in a moment of silence as a way to honor the impact and love that they have made within your life. Moments like these can certainly be appreciated.

Create a beautiful photo display.
What better way to remember a loved one than through lovely photos? You can assemble a unique photo display among a table within your wedding reception, as guests can then go and take a look at the people who have passed that you are choosing to honor. Also, you can adorn the table with their favorite flowers, memorabilia or even heirlooms, to add even more personalization.

Sentimental heirlooms.
It has become quite the trend within the wedding world to incorporate family heirlooms into your big day, especially for your “something old.” However, it also acts a way to honor loved ones. By having your groom wear his grandfather’s watch, or you wear your grandmother’s ring, you can cherish loved ones but still allow them to be a part of your big day!

Your wedding should be a day filled with happiness! And even though not everyone you wish could attend will be there, know that you can still honor them. Here at Contagious Events, we want to assist you in planning your dream wedding. If you are still seeking a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts, be sure to contact us today.

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