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We've just sent you an email with information about our packages, and pricing so that you'll have a link to this page handy. But since you're already here, allow us to tell you more about how we do things a little differently, and yes, pricing is listed below:

No buyer's remorse allowed.

Your wedding flowers, donated to hospice.

Over the years, we've forged a great partnership with Good Shepherd Community care so that when we're able, we donate leftover wedding flowers to hospice patients. It's a feel-good thing we're able to do, and a small attempt at minimizing the wastefulness in our industry.

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Tunnel Vision? Yes, please.

Our phase-based approach is top-notch.

Our master planning checklist is almost seventeen full pages when we try to print it out. It's overwhelming, even for us. So instead of throwing it all at you at once, we break in down into modular phases: each phase is around 30-45 days and has a corresponding checklist of 10-15 action items for us to tackle at that point in the planning process. 

The rest of the checklist? You can't see it - we are intentionally giving our couples tunnel vision so they can be solely focused on the bite-sized tasks at hand, and not overwhelmed by trying to take on too much at once and/or leaving the less desirable tasks for later in the process, which would cause a world of wedding planning pain.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Our clients are family.
We love them, they love us.

Over the years, we've watched our clients build homes, have families, and celebrate milestones well beyond the wedding. One of my favorite stories is how I randomly received a text one night from one of my past couples: it was a selfie of them with another one of our couples at a baby-birthing class. They recognized each other because they saw one another on our instagram account!

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    Let's get down to business.

    We can't blame you for doing the quick-scroll to find the cost. But we want you to know that we've spent a lot of time working through how to price our services, and although we don't do pricing based on a percentage of your total wedding budget, or take commissions from the vendors we match you with (both very common/standard practices in our industry), at the end of the day, we can't work for free. 

    We've developed three levels of services, each designed for couples in various stages of the planning process, and have done the backwards-math to determine our average time commitment for each. Doing this allows us to bill on a flat-fee pricing model, which means there's no overtimeno hourly rate, and no surprise fees.

    Because we refuse to accept commissions, we've established partnerships with some brands where our couples enjoy exclusive pricing: utilizing what would have been our commission as a discount.



    You've heard of day of or month of coordination, where you get a team to help execute on the big day. This is our version of that, but better.

    Schedule a call

    One site visit/venue walkthrough

    Vendor contract review

    Timeline creation and management



    Our design and management package, perfect for couples who know their aesthetic but having trouble pulling it all together.

    Schedule a call

    Everything in Primetime plus...

    Guided planning calls throughout the planning process

    Vendor scouting and design creation

    ...there's more! Click here for details.



    Our full service planning package, designed for couples who are starting from scratch and need help with it all, starting with securing a venue.

    Schedule a call

    Everything in Hootenanny plus...

    Venue scouting and suggestions

    A customized wedding website

    Hotel room block coordination

    ...yes, there's more. Read all about it here.